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  1. Cyprus (“Kypros” in Greek) means copper, famous in antiquity for it production of the precious metal;
  2. Cyprus is the third-largest island in the Mediterranean;
  3. Cyprus has an open, free-market, service-based economy with some light manufacturing;
  4. Cyprus was dealt a severe blow by the Evangelos Florakis Naval Base explosion in July 2011, with the cost to the economy estimated at €1–3 billion, or up to 17% of GDP;
  5. 82% of the population on the island speak Greek;
  6. Cyprus was once at the bottom of the sea. Tectonic movement pushed it up and it is now one of a handful of places in the world where geologists come to study the ocean floor without diving into the ocean;
  7. Cyprus is known to be the oldest wine producing nation in the world;
  8. The highest peak in the Troodos Mountain Range is Mount Olympus, which reaches up to 6,402ft above sea level;
  9. Cyprus is an island country separated in a Greek zone and a Tukish zone. The United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) are still protecting the border;
  10. The Cyprus Mufflon is a wild sheep that is found in the Troodos & Paphos Mountains. It exists nowhere else in the world.

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