CPF policy

CPF Policy

The CPF policy at Healy consultants is based on guidelines set out by the Singapore Employment Act. This policy is effective from 20th July 2016.

Over the past year, many of you applied for and successfully received PR status. Healy Consultants encourages each of you to apply for PR status to optimise the security around your residency status in Singapore. Going forward, Healy Consultants will continue to support staff PR applications.

Staff receiving PR approval need to have their salary adjusted to accommodate the extra CPF contributed by Healy Consultants. This company policy complies with MOM’s employment laws and the same was confirmed by MOM in writing to me. It is common for small companies to implement this policy because of the financial impact it has on annual net profits.

Please note that Sharon is our in house expert on CPF, so I recommend you chat to her and understand the implications that changing to PR will have on your salary.

More details on employee and employer CPF can be obtained on MOM’s website at: