Employee remuneration

Employee remuneration

New business bonus

  1. An employee earns a bonus cheque of US$ 500 if the following 3 criteria are satisfied:
    • Our staff member guides a Client to paying a one-time engagement fee of US$10,000 or more, at the beginning of the engagement. I recommend staff get me or senior staff involved to help close your sale; and
    • The staff member timely completes the engagement while i) keeping the Client happy ii) regularly communicating with the Client iii) keeping Aidan and Client informed of problems and solutions; and
    • Client engagement bonuses are only paid after all outstanding due diligence is received from Client and after the Client file is signed off by Aidan Healy.

  2. A staff member will not receive a bonus if they fail to satisfy any of the above;
  3. Some FAQ’s to help staff understand this policy:
    If Aidan is heavily involved in closing a sale with a staff member, do I lose the opportunity to earn the bonus of US$500?
    The employee still earns their bonus, regardless of the amount of Aidan involvement.

    If I close a sale and the Client pays US$ 9,500 at the beginning of the engagement, but a few months later the Client reverts for more services, do I still earn a bonus?
    Generally no, because the additional income arose from the Client being an existing Client of Healy Consultants, However, Aidan Healy may decide otherwise if the whole engagement is done fast and Client is happy.

    If I close a sale with a Client, but the engagement is given to another staff member to complete it; do I still get a bonus?
    Yes, but the bonus is equally shared between both staff members.

    What if I close a sale for less than $10,000?
    No bonus payable.

    What if I close a sale for US$20,000 or above?
    A bonus of US$1,000 is payable following the same criteria outlined above.

Acting as nominee shareholder and director

  1. Staff who agrees to be a professional, passive nominee shareholder or director of a company; will earn an annual fee of US$ 1000, payable in two instalments; US$ 500 in month 1 and US$ 500 in month 7;
  2. If the appointment is less than 12 months, this semi-annual fee will be apportioned pro-rata;
  3. Some FAQ’s to help staff understand this policy:

Turnkey solutions

  1. If staff member acts as sole shareholder and director and sole bank signatory to build a turnkey solution; that staff member will receive US$ 500 cheque following corporate bank account approval;
  2. When the turnkey solution is sold to a Client and the Client bank signatory is successfully appointed and approved by the bank, the same staff member receives another US$ 500;
  3. Some FAQ’s to help staff understand this policy:

Employee random bonus

Occasionally, a staff member will be recognized for extraordinary contribution to Healy Consultants. That staff member will be paid a US$ cheque of US$ 500.

Weekly salary

When your weekly salary changes, it must be reviewed by Sharon/Aileen against your contract before increased salary is paid.


Bonuses are rewards to staff for timely quality deliverables, while keeping Clients’ happy and informed.