Indonesia corporate bank account

Singapore finance Indonesia’s banking sector is relatively unsophisticated for international entrepreneurs. In our experience, finding an efficient Indonesia corporate bank account represents a challenge. However, many international banks have branches in Indonesia and an Indonesia business bank account is a useful tool for companies wishing to confine their activities solely to Indonesia.

The following information will help you determine whether an Indonesia corporate bank account meets your business needs:

  1. Indonesia’s banking sector is less sophisticated than traditional Asian financial centres such as nearby Singapore and Hong Kong;
  2. An Indonesia business banking account offers a full range of conventional banking products and services for businessmen, including investment products, financing products and services, trade and credit facilities, remittances, bank guarantee facilities, and vendor financing;
  3. An Indonesian bank account with an international banking has full Internet banking facilities;
  4. There are no restrictions on foreign (i e non-Indonesian) firms opening a corporate bank account;
  5. Healy Consultants’ Clients do not need to travel to Indonesia to open an Indonesian business bank account. Our officers in Indonesia will handle the account opening formalities on your behalf.

Healy Consultants fees to help open an Indonesia corporate bank account

Our fee to assist you to open a corporate bank account amounts to US$2,950. This fee includes:

  1. Healy Consultants International Banking Team completing the Indonesia business banking application form on behalf of our Client, and obtaining our Client’s signature;
  2. Healy Consultants’ International Banking Team preparing a detailed business plan relating to our Client’s company to support the bank account application. The business plan provides details of the company’s activities, products and services offered, details of the company’s suppliers and some information on its Clients, and intended markets;
  3. Healy Consultants International Banking Team submitting the application form and business plan to the bank, together with the corporate and personal information outlined above;
  4. Healy Consultants’ local officer attending the bank interview in Indonesia on your behalf, describing your global business activities and explaining why you require an Indonesian corporate bank account. As described earlier, Healy Consultants can open an Indonesian business bank account without the bank signatory and beneficial owners’ presence;
  5. Paying the initial bank deposit to the Indonesian bank on our Client’s behalf. A scanned copy of the bank deposit slip is emailed to our Client as verification of the same;
  6. On behalf of our Client, Healy Consultants applies for corporate internet banking facilities to accompany the Indonesia corporate banking;
  7. On behalf of our Client, Healy Consultants applies for a credit card, ATM card and cheque book to come with the Indonesian bank account;
  8. Healy Consultants International Banking Team receiving approval from Indonesia for the opening of the corporate bank account;
  9. Healy Consultants receiving the bank account internet login and password information in a sealed letter that is passed directly to our Client;
  10. Healy Consultants receiving a corporate cheque book in a sealed letter that is passed directly to our Client;
  11. Healy Consultants receiving credit and ATM cards in a sealed letter that is passed directly to our Client.

Please note that our fee to open an Indonesia corporate bank account does not include the initial deposit required by the bank.

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