Malaysia virtual office

Malaysia virtual office

A virtual office is an excellent way for Clients to support their business activities in Malaysia, which is an increasingly popular jurisdiction for company incorporation.

Uses of a virtual office in Malaysia

  1. This option is an ideal support service for Malaysia company formation;Malaysia office buildings
  2. The office can help facilitate the company’s trade with Malaysia and China-based customers;
  3. Having such an office can aid the opening of a corporate bank account in Malaysia.
Malaysia virtual office

Healy Consultants’ Malaysian virtual office

  1. A dedicated Malaysia business fax number – Healy Consultants’ staff will forward the fax to you within an hour of receiving it;
  2. Applicants may only begin using this service after paying the required fee and after written authorization is received from Healy Consultants;
  3. Receiving courier shipments on behalf of our Clients and re-mailing them to our Client within the same day;
  4. Please note the Healy Consultants Malaysian virtual office address, phone, and fax numbers may only be used as the corporate address (i.e. on the company letterhead). They may not be used in any form of advertising, or for website domain registration, without prior written permission from Healy Consultants;
  5. Please note that Healy Consultants reserves the right to cancel the use of the virtual office package at any time, refunding the remainder of the fee on a pro rata basis.

Healy Consultants’ Malaysia virtual office fees

Our Malaysian virtual office fees vary according to the precise needs of our Clients. Please contact us for a package price.

Other information

Some of our Clients prefer to have a dormant virtual office in Malaysia, the features of which are as follows:

  1. A Malaysia business address for invoicing purposes only;
  2. A Malaysia business telephone number for invoicing purposes only;
  3. A Malaysia business fax number for invoicing purposes only.

Healy Consultants’ dormant Malaysia virtual office fee is US$1,100.

Contact us

For additional information on our virtual office services in Malaysia, you can email us at or phone us at (+64) 4831 8737. Address: 85-1B, Jalan bentara 20, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300 Skudai, J.B, Johor. Alternatively contact our in-house country expert whose details are below: