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Mauritius employment visas

Foreigners are required to secure a work visa in order to be allowed to work in Mauritius. Most of our Clients request Healy Consultants to assist them secure a business visa in Mauritius, by preparing a quality business visa application and submitting to the relevant Mauritius authorities. Our fee for this service is €4,950.

Permanent residency under the Property Development Scheme (PDS)

  1. Since 2015, Mauritius implements the PDS scheme in order to attracting the increasing number of foreign investors looking to relocate abroad through investment.
  2. The minimal investment to secure permanent residency and dependent visas for a family in Mauritius under the PDS scheme amounts to US$0.5 million;
  3. While Mauritius decided to keep restrictions on the ownership of real estate by foreigners, the country still introduced the possibility to own real estate built specially for the PDS scheme, including high-rises and other residential properties, complete with i) high quality amenities; ii) day-to-day management services and iii) improved community development;
  4. Following issuance of residence permit, our Client will be able to apply for occupation certificate, allowing foreign investors to start a business or work in Mauritius;

Business Visa

  1. A business visa can be issued for a maximum of 120 days per year. However, each single trip can last for a maximum of 90 days;
  2. Required documents to apply for a business visa i) birth certificate; ii) national ID card; iii) two recent photos and iv) valid passport. Additional requirements include i) sufficient funds to stay for the intended period of time; ii) valid onward/ return ticket.

Tourist Visa

  1. A tourist visa can be issued for a maximum of 180 days per year. Visitors are not allowed to enter into employment or business activities during this period;
  2. Required documents to apply for a tourist visa in Mauritius include: i) birth certificate; ii) national ID card; iii) two recent photos and iv) valid passport.

Mauritius corporate banking options

  1. Mauritius standard chartered bankTo open a company bank account in Mauritius, Healy Consultants recommends using the services of international banks such as HSBCStandard Chartered and Citibank for most Mauritius corporate banking solutions. Local banks can be used where appropriate for the Mauritius company;
  2. Mauritius HSBC corporate accountsHealy Consultants will be pleased to open a Mauritius corporate bank account as part of our Mauritius company formation services. Our Client will not have to travel for this engagement. It is a time consuming task, Healy Consultants will shelter our Client from the administrative challenges. As you can appreciate, it is a difficult task to obtain bank account approval through a newly formed company, when shareholders and directors and bank signatories reside overseas. Healy Consultants will prepare a business plan for the bank to optimize the probability of corporate bank account approval;
  3. Mauritius Deutsche bank offers and benefitsHealy Consultants may also assist to open an additional international corporate bank account with a top tier bank, outside of Mauritius. Examples include London, New York, Germany, France, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, or Dubai. It is a time consuming task and our fee for this service is US$3,950 without travel or US$2,550 with travel. All banks will be top tier banks in these countries with excellent internet banking services;
  4. Mauritius-based banks will provide finance to locally-registered companies provided the following conditions are met i) good business plan ii) availability of security iii) experience of business owners iv) last 3 years audited financial statements v) realistic feasibility study vi) project strength and weaknesses analysis (SWOT);
  5. Mauritius Barclays international bankingTo support Mauritius business formation, Healy Consultants assists Clients with trade finance tasks including i) bank guarantees ii) letters of credit iii) finance against trust receipt iv) document against payment and against acceptance;
  6. Healy Consultants assists in securing corporate finance in the form of a loan, overdraft or simply preferential credit terms are other corporate banking related aspects of doing business in Mauritius to support Mauritius company incorporation;
  7. Mauritius Afrasia - corporate and investment bankingBanks in Mauritius provide the full range of corporate bank account facilities including multiple currencies, internet banking, telephone banking, checking accounts, savings accounts, debit and credit cards, fixed term deposits and wealth management services.

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