Global PLC shelf companies for sale

Since 2003, Healy consultants assists our multi-national Clients’ purchase dormant shelf companies that are already listed on stock exchanges around the world.

  • Examples of public limited companies for sale

    Our PLC shelf company inventory list comprises of dormant listed entities from 140 countries! A great way for our multi-national Clients’ to penetrate a new market! Below is a sample of some entities for sale:

    No.CountryCompany nameDate of incorporationListed where?Asking price?
    1.USA, DelawareBoulevard Acquisition Corp. Ii 2015NASDAQ: BLVDUCall us
    2.Cayman IslandsDouble Eagle Acquisition Corp.June 2015NASDAQ: EAGLUCall us
    3.UKDerriston Capital PlcDecember 2016London Stock Exchange: DERRCall us
    4.Cayman IslandsAvista Healthcare Public Acquisition Corp.December 2015NASDAQ: AHPAUCall us
    5.USA, DelawareForum Merger Corp.November 2016NASDAQ: FMCIUCall us
    6.British Virgin IslandsConstellation Alpha Capital Corp.2015NASDAQ: CNACUCall us
    7.British Virgin IslandsElectrum Special Acquisition CorpDecember 2014NASDAQ: ELECCall us
    8.USA, DelawarePensare Acquisition Corp.April 2016NASDAQ: WRLSUCall us
    9.USA, FloridaJM Global Holding Company2015NASDAQ: WYIGCall us
    10.USA, DelawareFederal Street Acquisition Corp.September 2017NASDAQ: FSACCall us
    11.USA, DelawareKayne Anderson Acquisition Corp.March 2017NASDAQ: KAACCall us
    12.AustraliaArowana International Limited2014ASX: AWNCall us
    13.Marshall IslandsHunter Maritime Acquisition Corp.2016NASDAQ: HUNTUCall us
    14.Cayman IslandsMosaic Acquisition Corp 2017NYSE: MOSCUCall us
    15.USA, DelawareHennessy Capital Acquisition Corp.January 2017NYSE: HCACUCall us
    16.USA, DelawareTpg Pace Energy Holdings Corp.February 2017NYSE: TPGEUCall us

  • How we help our Clients' purchase a listed shelf company

    1. We inform our Client of the monthly, quarterly and annual Government reporting requirements;
    2. Healy Consultants Group PLC aggressively and skillfully negotiates purchase price between the vendor and our Client;
    3. Healy Consultants Group PLC completes our detailed due diligence of the listed shelf company;
    4. We supply a sale and purchase agreement comprising terms and conditions that comply with local laws;
    5. After settlement of the purchase price, Healy Consultants Group PLC appoints our Clients’ preferred shareholders and directors and bank signatory;
    6. If required, we change of company name and address and open a new multi-currency corporate bank account;
    7. We supply our multi-national Clients’ with virtual office services including: a dedicated phone line, mail and email forwarding;
    8. We PLC timely accurately and completely discharge the entities statutory legal, accounting and tax reporting to the Exchange;
  • Healy Consultants Group PLC fees

    A guideline of our average fees is listed below:

    1.To find a suitable dormant listed entity including detailed comparison tableUS$ 10,000
    2.To aggressively and skillfully negotiate a sale and purchase agreement between our Client and vendor, including price and terms and conditions;US$ 22,250
    3.To complete a detailed due diligence of the target entity and related partiesUS$ 18,500
    4.To change the corporate structure to our Client’s preferred structureUS$18,500
    5.To complete monthly & quarterly Government reporting per monthUS$ 1,150
    6.To complete annual accounting and audit and tax obligationsUS$ 8,370

  • How we proceed?

    • Before Healy Consultants Group PLC discloses entity information, our multi-national Clients’ must i) sign our engagement letter and ii) settle a US$ 10,000 retainer fee (click link) with us;
    • Only then, can we supply our Client with a detailed comparison table contrasting the different shelf PLC entities available in the target country;
    • Alternatively, our Client may wish to view a to view a comparison table of PLC entities from i) a range of target countries or ii) by price or iii) by industry;
    • Our Client supplies us with Know Your Customer due diligence documents;
    • Healy Consultants Group PLC brokers a deal between vendor and our Client;
    • Healy Consultants Group PLC completes our detailed due diligence of the target dormant PLC shelf company;
    • We appoint our Clients’ preferred shareholders and directors and bank signatory. We assist our Client open multiple local and international multi-currency corporate bank accounts;
    • We help our Client secure a specific regulatory license (if required);

Contact us

For additional information on our purchase a PLC company services, please email us at Alternatively please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Kunal Fabiani, directly:
client relationship officer - Kunal