Econ writer

Healy Consultants is the best in the world at project managing business set up in every country on the planet. Since 2003, our multi-national Clients’ need us to set up their global subsidiaries.

Our Company is looking for an Economic writer and creative thinker to join our Economic team. In this role, you will act as a key member, generating ideas on website content that is helpful and appeals to potential and existing clients.

Roles and responsibilities

The daily tasks will include, but not limited to:

  • Conduct detailed research and write articles on all aspects of “business set-up” in a particular jurisdiction, including i) incorporation procedures ii) banking considerations iii) legal and compliance obligations iv) taxation policies v) economic considerations and vi) recruitment;
  • Devising independent solutions in multiple disciplines and fields, whether it be banking, tax, immigration, corporate finance and M&A;
  • Work closely with the IT and CRO Departments for i) building and enhancing Healy Consultants Group PLC website content and ii) ensuring the contents are always updated;
  • Assist the CRO Team to research, prepare and review engagement strategy documents for large complex engagements and business plans for Client projects;
  • Assist the IT and Marketing Departments to implement new SEO strategies;
  • Recommend new strategies to optimize website content and ensure that Healy Consultants Group PLC’s country web pages rank on the 1st page of Google;
  • Answer client enquiries when needed;

Time allocation:

  • Research – 40%
  • Assist IT and Marketing teams with SEO – 20%
  • Assist IT team with website content update – 20%
  • Assist CRO team with Client deliverables – 10%
  • Content website audit and strategy proposal – 10%

Our ideal candidate;

  • Has a degree from an established university, preferably in i) accounting ii) business iii) economics or iv) law.
  • Has relevant professional experience of at least 2 years, preferably spanning for least 2 years with each Employer. We can however consider fresh graduates;
  • Has excellent proved command in written English and oral communication skills;
  • Fluency in at least one additional language including i) Mandarin ii) Bahasa iii) Tamil iv) German v) French vi) Japanese vii) Italian viii) Russian ix) Arabic will be favourably viewed;
  • Is able to supply multiple positive professional references from previous and preferably current Employers (or other professional references for fresh graduate);
  • Can write error-free content that will regularly be posted online;
  • Is solution orientated problem solver, requiring minimal supervision;
  • Is detail orientated and possesses good research and planning skills;
  • Can monitor the website to identify key concerns and interests of clients;
  • Is a creative staff member who can develop and implement new business ideas and works well in a fast growing and a dynamic global business;
  • Can consistently meet deadlines for completion of each deliverable;
  • Is disciplined with high professional standards;
  • Works well within a fast-paced, dynamic, multi-cultural team.

What we can offer you:

  • Learning the business set up cycle in every country on the planet, including accounting and tax and economics and legal considerations;
  • A fast paced, challenging firm with high professional standards;
  • Opportunities to work with global offices;
  • Salary offered range from SGD2,800 to SGD4,000, depending on the candidate’s previous experience and credentials;

When applying: