Freelance consultant in 2022

Our Firm has an opening for Freelance consultants to help grow Healy Consultants’ business.

Please send your job application to the following email address: Email sent to other addresses will not receive any response.

  • How can you help us?

    • Introduce potential Clients to Healy Consultants requiring the services outlined in our homepage. Healy Consultants pays our freelance consultants a commission of 5% to 10% on paid sales invoices;


    • Assist us increase our social media presence including increasing traffic to our Facebook page, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube and blog. Remuneration is paid upon receipt of traffic targets, see below;


    • Email us a database of quality email addresses of key personnel in target companies. For every 1000 quality business email addresses, Healy Consultants will pay our freelance consultant €200;


    • Help us create quality content for country jurisdictions. Email us a draft of i) an improved existing country page or ii) a new jurisdiction;

Client introduction

  • How to find potential Clients?

    • If you want to work as a freelance consultant for Healy Consultants, please click here to download and sign the service agreement and email return to us;
    • Thereafter, email or ring companies in your country and ask them if they need help with i) foreign company incorporation ii) global corporate banking iii) international accounting and tax. Please be professional and respectful in all communication with potential Clients;
    • Examples of companies you can contact in your country include:
      • Accountants and lawyers;
      • Company secretarial firms in your country;
      • Small, medium or large trading or manufacturing companies;
      • Foreign embassies in your country;
      • Consulting firms including private equity companies, venture capitalists, mergers and acquisitions;
      • Investment banks;
    • We recommend you first ring or email 10 target firms. Learn from the experience, modify your approach to optimise success;
    • Click here to see an example of an email you can send to the above companies.
    • Click here to see an example of a phone conversation.
    • Please be respectful of those you contact. They either need Healy Consultants help or they don’t. It is pointless badgering or spamming potential Clients. We are in the business of helping people, not upsetting them;
  • How to introduce potential Clients to Healy Consultants

    1. You sign a freelance service agreement with Healy Consultants confirming terms and conditions, confidentiality requirements, our expectations and your expectations;
    2. Email introduce the potential Client to Healy Consultants by sending us a message at;
    3. One of our senior staff will email reply to the potential Client with the intention of formally engaging the Client. For the remainder of the engagement, Healy Consultants will include you in all emails between our Firm and our Client;
  • How to get a commission from Healy Consultants

    1. After the potential Client signs our engagement letter and settles our fee invoice for under US$10,000, Healy Consultants will pay 5% of the fee to a bank of your choice. If the final sales invoice is above US$10,000, the commission paid will be 10%;
    2. For transparency purposes, Healy Consultants will disclose to our Clients all commission fees paid to freelance consultants;

Social media

How to increase our social media presence

  • When do I get paid for social media work

    To count your contribution:

    1. we take a screenshot before and after the work is done.
    2. Healy Consultants examines the quality of the followers added.
    3. There is no negative feedback on our social media over the subsequent two weeks.
    4. We then pay your commission to a bank account of your choice.

Quality emails database

  • How to create a database of quality emails

    Through internet search engines, accumulate in a database the email addresses of key personnel in local companies such as i) accounting firms, ii) lawyers, iii) private equity firms, iv) investment banks, v) business owners, vi) CEOs and decision makers.

    Click here to view the format of a sample database comprising the data fields we require.

  • When do I get paid for my quality database

    Before we pay our freelancer fees, Healy Consultants will i) examine the quality of the email addresses ii) test email a sample of contacts iii) identify defunct/repetitive email addresses. Thereafter, we then pay your commission to a bank account of your choice.