Working as a consultant for Healy Consultants in 2024

Frequently, Healy Consultants hires quality consultants we work with. Here is how it happens. In our opinion, this is the best way for us to find quality employees.

  • When consultants work with us

    • As Healy Consultants grows in this dynamic, exciting, limitless business world; we often face manpower shortages. We outsource projects and tasks to external consultants to help with the work load;
    • Healy Consultants supplies the external consultant with a detailed list of tasks and agrees engagement period and service fees. The external consultants timely completes tasks for Healy Consultants staff;
    • Collective staff feedback is provided to Aidan Healy and a decision is made whether to offer full time employment to the consultant;
    • Healy Consultants and the consultant agree employment contract terms and conditions including remuneration and probation period;
    • If required, Healy Consultants applies for an employment visa for the consultant;
    • The external consultant is now a formal employee of Healy Consultants.
  • Why we hire consultants like this

    After a few weeks working with external consultants, a number of things happen:

    • Healy Consultants assesses the quality of the work of the consultant and we can be more certain about what to expect from this future employee;
    • Before signing an employment contract, the consultants has an amazing opportunity to i) work with Healy Consultants staff before deciding to be a future employee ii) assesses the values of the organization iii) ascertain the learning and growth potential of the company work;
    • Both Healy Consultants and the consultant mutually negotiate an employment contract that accurately reflects the value of the future employee.
  • How we pay external consultants

    • During the consulting period, Healy Consultants pays weekly between s$300 and s$500. Every Friday, a cheque is given to the external consultant;
    • Before the engagement begins, a consulting service contract is signed between Healy Consultants and the external consultant.

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  • Terminating external consultants

    Occasionally, Healy Consultants immediately terminates the consulting engagement during the consulting period. Termination happens if:

    • The external consultant damages the business of Healy Consultants or our Clients;
    • The consultant breaches the terms and conditions of engagement service agreement;
    • The consultant breaches the terms and conditions of engagement service agreement.