Attending your seminar in 2024?

E-marketing development project formHealy Consultants Group quarterly sends our global employees for external training courses and seminars.

To help our Human Resource Department determine the suitability of your seminar, would you be so kind as to complete the 5-minute questionnaire below.

Within 1 day thereafter, the Global Director of Healy Consultants Human Resource Department will email revert to further discuss seminar attendance.

    • How will the seminar benefit Healy Consultants Group staff?

      Refer to this web page (click link) to view profiles of a sample of our global staff. What knowledge tools can your company supply Healy Consultants Group staff?
      List 5 ways your seminar will help Healy Consultants Group sales staff better close Client deals?
      List 5 ways your seminar will Healy Consultants Group operations staff better project manage (click link) Client engagements?
      Does your company offer seminars or training courses that will help Healy Consultants Group staff efficiently and effectively timely complete complex Client engagements (click link)?;
      How can your company bring Healy Consultants Group to the next level?
      Does your company have experience helping a company in Healy Consultants Group's specific industry?

    • Logistical considerations

      If we send 10 staff, what will be the total seminar costs to Healy Consultants Group ?
      If we send 15 staff, what will be the total seminar costs?
      If we send 20 staff, what will be the total seminar costs?
      List at least 3 major Clients your team helped in the past 2 years?
      Are you able to provide us with a 2017/2018 schedule of your professional training courses?
      Can you provide these services at a Healy Consultants’ preferred venue?

      Does your company have package deals with nearby 5-star accommodation?
      Can your company arrange transport pick up from hotel to seminar venue?
      Does your seminar qualify for local Government grants\incentives?

    • About your company

      The name of your company
      Website URL of your company
      Your email address
      Where is your company headquartered?
      Can you provide us with Client references similar to this web page?
      Is your Firm regulated by a Government Ministry? If yes, which Ministry?
      What makes your company unique from the competition?
      To ensure we partner with a quality professional services firm, what detailed due diligence can you supply to Healy Consultants Group in-house Legal and Compliance Department?
      What is the name and number of the staff member who will be our point of contact in your company?

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