Supplier due diligence

This page helps our Suppliers efficiently complete the due diligence collection process with the least amount of stress and inconvenience to all parties.

  • What do we need from our Supplier?

    Outlined below is a list of the due diligence information Healy Consultants wishes to obtain from our Suppliers:

    1. Healy Consultants would be grateful if you courier and email us i) a copy of your passport and ii) an original copy of your proof of address and iii) an original copy of your bank reference letter and iv) an original copy of a lawyers reference letter, v) an original copy of an accountants reference letter and vi) your business card or website;
    2. All documents to be in English or legally translated into English;
    3. All documents to be less than 3 months old and in colour;
  • Why does Healy Consultants need this information from our Suppliers?

    1. To ensure Healy Consultants only does business with bona fide businessmen;
    2. Occasionally, Healy Consultants introduces Clients and Suppliers in the same industry to each other to advance business networking, partnerships and collaboration. It is important to Healy Consultants Clients and Suppliers that we are introducing quality bona fide businessmen to each other;
    3. Healy Consultants wants to adhere to International Money Laundering Regulations;
    4. This is why Healy Consultants will only engage your company after 75% of due diligence documentation is received by email.
  • Practical examples of documents we need from our Supplier

    Click on the icons below to view real examples of the documents Healy Consultants requires from our Supplier.

    No.Document requiredExample
    1.Original copy/certified true coloured copy of Passport received, from each shareholder, director and beneficial owner;View PDF
    2.Original colour copy of Proof of Address in English. Proof of address within past month.View PDF
    3.Original colour copy of Bank Reference Letter received for each shareholder, director and beneficial owner? It is from a reputable, international bank;View PDF
    4.Original colour Lawyers reference Letter from each party to the engagement;View PDF
    5.Original colour accountants reference Letter from each party to the engagement;View PDF
    6.Original colour Business Card received from each party to the engagement;View PDF
    7.Original colour Company brochure relating to Client’s existing business;View PDF
    8.Resume for each shareholder, director and beneficial owner;View PDF
    9.Three customer and supplier contracts and invoices (Client’s existing business);View PDF

  • Alternative documents we will accept

    Occasionally, Suppliers experience difficulty supplying Healy Consultants all of the due diligence documents required above. To minimize our Suppliers’ stress, we accept the alternative documents listed below as quality alternatives to missing items in the due diligence checklist above. You can email us:

    1. A personal or a company tax return;
    2. Group financial statements;
    3. A degree certificate;
    4. A business license certificate;
    5. A regulatory license;
    6. A bank statement (less than 3 months old);
    7. A credit report;
    8. A Government contract;
    9. A photocopy of a driver’s license;
    10. A photocopy of a membership of a reputable society;
    11. A business plan or feasibility study;
    12. Group organisation chart
    13. Company public profile for global existing companies;
    14. Scan of lease agreements;
  • What does Healy Consultants do with this Supplier information?

    • The vast majority of information is kept confidential by Healy Consultants and not shared with third parties. The information is stored in our Suppliers’ files in a steel filing cabinet at our secure Singapore Head Office;
    • We supply banks and Governments the minimum due diligence information to obtain the necessary approval;
  • What original documents must you courier to our Singapore office?

    To enable Healy Consultants complete the engagement as soon as practical, we recommend our Suppliers’ courier the following due diligence information to our Singapore Head Office:

    1. A colour copy of your passport. This passport copy must be signed by the owner.
    2. Original completed colour copy of signed Service Agreement.
    3. Original colour copy of proof of address in English. Proof of address within past month.
    4. Original colour copy of bank Reference Letter. If it is from a reputable, international bank, please ensure the professional reference letter is on official stationery one.
      The majority of local and international banks issue personal bank reference letters within three business days. It is common banks receive this request. Your local bank will likely accept phone instructions to issue a personal bank reference letter.
    5. Original lawyers reference Letter from each party to the engagement. Please ensure the professional reference letter is on official stationery one.
    6. Original accountants reference Letter from each party to the engagement. Please ensure the professional reference letter is on official stationery one.
    7. Examples of proofs of existing business include: i) Original business cards andii) corporate brochure for Supplier’s existing business.
  • Tips to make the process easier for our Supplier?

    1. Before sending a courier to our Singapore office, we recommend you email us documents to confirm the suitability of those documents for due diligence purposes. This simple, practical procedure minimizes time and courier costs;
    2. Discuss all due diligence information collection problems with Healy Consultants staff, so we can provide immediate solutions. The due diligence process should not be a stressful one for our Suppliers;
    3. Deposit your due diligence information to Healy Consultants secure DropBox or GoogleDocs. Consequently, eliminating the need to send large mb emails;
    4. If you are experiencing a problem obtaining specific due diligence information, please supply us with one of the alternatives listed above;

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