Janyl Irsalieva | Client Relationship Manager

I joined Healy Consultants Group in December 2021 as a Client Relationship Officer. Prior to that, I used to work in a top commercial bank in Kyrgyzstan as a Treasury Officer.

  • My business goals

    • To gain experience in working with clients from all over the globe
    • To positively impact clients’ businesses by providing excellent service
    • To become an expert in business setup industry
    • To launch mentorship program for young female professionals
  • My daily work schedule

    • Project managing client engagements
    • Assisting clients with the process of opening corporate bank accounts
    • Preparing business plans, project plans and weekly updates on the engagements
  • The most interesting work I ever did

    Quoting exchange deals to clients and counterparties during high volatility of FX markets.

  • The most rewarding work I ever did

    I was the project leader for the digital transformation of a commercial bank. My team and I conducted successful data transfer of 300K plus customers, foreign exchange deals and interbank transactions in the banking system.

  • Pastimes

    • Reading
    • Yoga
    • Cooking
  • Business style

    • Result-driven
    • Proactive
    • Persistent
  • Languages I speak

    English, Russian, Kyrgyz and Turkish

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