Electronic signatures in 2024

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To maintain Healy Consultants objectives of providing the firms corporate services in the most convenient means, certain documentation can be sent to our firm with an electronic signature. This reduces the need for this documentation to be physically sent via courier, hence saving time and money.

  1. Creating an electronic signature can be a nuisance for many. There are many ways to accomplish an electronic rendition of your signature, however, following is a guide for two common applications used in any business place, Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word;
  2. adobe
  3. In Adobe, you will need a valid version of the software, that can not only read files, but is also able to edit or modify PDF files. After selecting the right file it is a simple task of locating the pencil tool;
  4. pencil tool
  5. After selecting the pencil tool, you simply free-hand your signature with the mouse;
  6. example signature
  7. Microsoft Word is also very similar, though different versions may vary in where the necessary tool is found (the tool is called scribble). Generally, the path is as follows: Insert (tab on the top) -> Shapes or Drawings -> Scribble;
  8. word signature
  9. We hope this has proved helpful, please contact us for more help, if required.

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