Aidan Healy resignation as resident director

Managing Director Healy ConsultantsIn early 2019 and after 19 years in Singapore, my family and I migrated to the south of France. I plan to open a Healy Consultants Group office in Nice. As always, I continue to closely supervise my global business. Our Singaporean Head Office is business as usual, under the close supervision of our Asian CEO Mr. Simon;

Because my family and I are no longer ordinarily resident in Singapore, ACRA asked me to resign as the professional passive nominee resident director for all Singaporean companies. Consequently, I need to appoint one of my Singaporean staff as the resident director of your Singaporean LLC. As always, my Singaporean office will continue to be the legal registered office address of your Singaporean LLC. As always, I will continue to act as your Singaporean company secretary;

As always, my Singaporean in-house Accounting and Tax Department will continue to timely accurately and completely discharge your Singaporean company annual legal, accounting and tax obligations;

In my place and to fully comply with Singaporean law (click link), I asked my Singaporean staff to be the professional passive nominee resident director of your Singaporean LLC. For your comfort, Healy Consultants Group is happy to supply your Firm detailed due diligence documents about your new resident director;

Over the coming weeks, my staff will email your Firm some company secretarial documents to allow the smooth legal transfer of the Singaporean resident director of your local entity;

I trust the above will not be an inconvenience to your business. As always, my staff and I will do everything we can to make this transition seemless;

I wish to thank you for being our Client and supporting Healy Consultants Group over the past years.

Wishing you a successful 2019 business year.