Importance of turnkey solutions in 2024

Turnkey solutions are an important product of Healy Consultants Group. A readily-available turnkey solution allows us to immediately supply our Client a business solution. Needless to say, all of us need to be monthly creating turnkey solution opportunities.

  • How does the turnkey solution work?

    With a turnkey solution, within 3 business days Healy Consultants Group can supply our Client with a) a certificate of incorporation for a dormant, clean shelf LLC and b) an existing, already-approved multi-currency corporate bank account in select jurisdictions. A turnkey solution allows our multi-national Clients to i) immediately sign off important contracts and agreements with their customers ii) bid for government contracts iii) issue/receive sales invoices to/from their customers and from suppliers and iv) receive income from their customers immediately (provided our Clients settle fees for our professional nominee signatory service while we change bank signatories).
  • How can each staff member help?

    • Every time you secure multi-currency corporate bank account approval for one of your Clients, set up a turnkey solution with that bank. And receive a staff bonus for your efforts.
    • Until the turnkey solution is sold to the Client, our staff can act as i) professional passive nominee resident director and shareholder or ii) professional passive nominee bank signatory. And receive a staff bonus.
    • Pro-actively reaching out to international banks to open the corporate bank account of the shelf company incorporated by our staff.
    • Timely sourcing shelf companies from our suppliers, buying them for a small fee, and asking them to fast secure a multi-currency corporate bank account. And receive a staff bonus for your efforts.
    • Regularly updating this webpage and this webpage with available turnkey solutions from as many jurisdictions in the world as possible.
  • New bonus policy for turnkey solutions for staff acting as nominees for turnkeys

    • Staff will receive a bonus of US$1,000 for securing multi-currency corporate bank account approval from a top-tier international bank. Examples of top-tier banks include DBS, OCBC, BNP Paribas, Citibank and Maybank and Standard Chartered Bank and HSBC.
    • Staff will receive a bonus of US$750 for securing multi-currency corporate bank account approval from a second-tier international banks. Examples of Tier 2 banks include CIM Bank, BankOne, AM Bank and Euro Pacific Bank.
    • Staff will receive a bonus of US$500 for securing multi-currency corporate bank account numbers from payment service providers (PSPs) or financial service providers (FSPs).
    • Bonuses payable after e-banking is successfully activated. Bonus claw-back if multi-currency corporate bank account is closed within three months from release of bank account numbers.
    • Before submitting a multi-currency corporate bank account opening application to a financial institution, staff must secure written approval from their CEO and from Aidan Healy.
    • Additional annual fees of US$1,000 payable to staff to be nominee professional, passive director and shareholder and bank signatory, payable in two instalments every 6 months. After turnkey solution is sold to Client, staff will be removed as shareholder and director and bank signatory.
    • If two different persons are appointed to the above positions (e g staff A as shareholder and director and staff B as bank signatory), the fee is divided equally between both.
    • The above policy is immediately applicable for all turnkeys newly registered from November 2020 onwards.
    • Over the coming weeks and months, the content of this web page will be improved and better defined after we receive feedback from staff.
  • Conclusion

    Turnkey solutions are good for Healy Consultants Group and for our multi-national Clients. Staff can financially benefit from this product and service. Everybody wins.