2017 Department goals

No.GOALS FOR NEXT 12 MONTHS for Healy Consultants Accounting and Tax Department
1.Healy Consultants Accounting and Tax Department is able to complete accounting and tax filing for Malaysia, India, Spain, Ireland, USA and Australian company without using supplier;
2.Healy Consultants can incorporate a company online in-house in Malaysia, Australia, USA, Ireland without using supplier
3.Secure visa for aidan in Malaysia, HK, India; so I can be a resident director
4.Stick closely to Client renewals plan
5.Recover 50% of renewal bad debts via debt collector or other solutions
6.All 2016 accounting numbers in myob before 1 April 2017
7.Cai Xin to sign off 30 renewal Client files;
8.For Healy Consultants Group, open a corporate bank account in 5 countries with new banks
9.Before 30 June 2017, complete annual accounting and tax and audit obligations for Healy Consultants Hong Kong LLC re 2016 accounting year end; and all previous years
10.Maintain a complete, accurate client, accounting database and renewal database. Clearly reminding staff of annual Government reporting deadlines for each Client
11.Low staff turnover including good team communication and staff recognition. Implement staff 2017 and 2020 plans;
12.Achieve zero client complaints when doing their annual accounting and tax and audit obligations
13.Karen completes timely quality reviews of her staff emails, getting 95% emails good to go from Aidan
14.Organize 2 workshops within department for knowledge sharing
15.Monthly profit and loss reports to Aidan per Healy Consultants Group companies
16.Pay department staff to attend secretarial course in Malaysia and Singapore
17.Pay department staff to attend Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, usa accounting and tax course
18.Ensure Healy Consultants Group bookkeeping is up to date and accurate and in myob
19.Maintain up to date MYOB