Annual Leave Policy

The leave policy at Healy consultants is based on guidelines set out by the Singapore Employment Act. It becomes effective from 1 January 2017. An employee’s annual leave entitlement under Part IV of the Employment Act is as follows:

Year of service*Days of leave
10th and each year thereafter18

* An employee’s year of service starts from the day he or she begins work with the employer.

  • For employees who leave the company within the leave year, then holiday leave is pro-rated. The employees final cheque will be adjusted to reflect i) unconsumed paid leave or ii) excess paid leave taken.
  • During probation, there is no paid leave. Employee will be entitled to full years leave after probation term is served. Annual leave is calculated based on joining date for new joiners and then computed based on calendar year thereafter;
  • Any unused annual leave accrued during the year may be carried over and added to the following years allowance;
  • Carried over leave cannot be used to offset against an employee resignation notice period, unless agreed on a case by case basis with management.

Other leave matters

  • Paid Leave, Unpaid Leave, Sick Leave and Holiday Leave for each employee is tracked by HR Department in a spreadsheet.

Medical Leave

After 3 months of services with Healy Consultants, employee will be entitled to paid sick leave as per Singapore employment act and not exceeding:

  • 14 days per year if no hospitalization or other inpatient care is necessary, or;
  • 60 days (including the 14 days aforementioned) per year if hospitalization is necessary.

During the first three months of employment the employee will not be entitled to paid sick leave. Any sick leave taken during the period will be considered as unpaid leave and a medical cert must be provided.

After 3 months, a medical cert must be provided for any sick leave otherwise leave will be consider unpaid.

Please note that the Employment Act which spells out the basic terms and conditions of employment in Singapore does not cover any person employed in a managerial or executive position who earns a basic monthly salary of more than $4,500.

For employees not covered by the Employment Act, their terms/conditions of employment are purely governed by the employment contract or negotiation/mutual agreement between the employee and the employer. Healy Consultants does not compensate employees not covered by the Employment Act for time off required to cover elective surgery, instead employee must take paid leave or unpaid leave ( to be agreed to by Employer) to cover time off.

Public Holidays

Employee will be entitled to 11 paid public holidays in a year. The 11 gazetted public holidays are:

  • New Year’s Day;
  • Chinese New Year (two days);
  • Hari Raya Puasa;
  • Hari Raya Haji;
  • Good Friday;
  • Labour Day;
  • Vesak Day;
  • National Day;
  • Deepavali; and
  • Christmas Day.

Should you be required to work on a public holiday, you will be requested to do so by your manager or the Managing director. If you want to work on a public holiday, you must seek approval from your manager and let HR and The Managing Director know. An extra day will be added to your paid annual leave in-lieu of the day worked.

In an effort to increase attendance at work during public holidays so that Healy Consultant Global business is not impacted:

  • At a minimum 2 CRO’s must be present in Singapore to handle important calls and emails during a Singapore Public Holiday;
  • Due to the size of the Dubai office, Healy Consultants encourage Dubai team to work as many PH as they can, to handle important calls and emails during a public holiday in Dubai. As such, Dubai CRO Director must ensure that:
    For Days that are Public Holidays in both, Singapore and Dubai, a minimum 1 CRO must be present in Dubai and 2 CRO’s must be present in Singapore to handle important calls and emails.
  • Arrangements can also be made that Singapore CRO cover Dubai Public Holidays:
    For Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays that are Public Holidays in Dubai only, are to be properly covered by Singapore office. This obligation is not applicable to Saturdays and Sundays;
  • A rollover system will ensure that each staff member will commit in advance to come in for 2 public holidays each year (Days will be agreed at a department level);
  • Employees will be entitled to take 1 day in lieu or be compensated by being paid double for public holiday day worked;
  • Arrangements regarding coverage of public holidays to be sent to Aidan by each department manager at least 1 week prior to date;
  • A yearly plan will be prepared between department managers and HR to show staff coverage of public holidays in both Singapore and Dubai Office;
  • Effective date 22nd June 2017.