Client Feedback Survey

    Who to call – engagements just finishing

  1. Each week, fari approaches staff and asks who can she call for a survey? Ask staff by email and face to face;
  2. In addition, managers to remember to email-notify Fari when they believe a project is at a sufficiently advanced stage to warrant a feedback survey;
  3. Using our email template in shared folders, the CRO to email his\her Client to agree a specific date and time for Fari to call. Cc Fari in email to Client;
  4. Before the call

  5. Upon Client’s (positive) answer, Fari to send an email i) thanking the client for his participation and ii) re-confirm the day and time of the call. Follow up with an outlook invite;
  6. If the call is scheduled several weeks in advance, Fari to preferably also send a reminder two or three working days before the call;
  7. Speak to Sharon or Cai Xin to determine if Client is currently doing annual accounting and tax with us;
  8. The call – introduction and outlines of the procedures

  9. This is Fari from Healy Consultants PLC in Singapore;
  10. Is it convenient to talk now?
  11. Recently [CRO name] completed your Singapore company engagement;
  12. I just want to do a 6 minute call with you to get your feedback as to how well Healy Consultants served and helped you;
  13. We wish to further improve the quality of our professional services;
  14. After the questionnaire, Follow up phone call with a thank you email, include reference letter example if Client is willing to supply us one.
  15. Important note for fari

    If anything controversial is said by the client during the call, the client is looking for explanations for delays/deliverables not provided etc. Fari to state she will notify the CRO to provide an answer and then gently stop the call. Email follow up re the same with the client.

    The questionnaire

    Beginning the engagement

  16. Did we properly and thoroughly plan the engagement? Or did we not?
  17. Was the due diligence part of the engagement stressful for you? Or was it easy?
  18. Did we start the engagement on time?
  19. How can Healy Consultants improve the beginning of the engagement phase?
  20. During the engagement

  21. Did Healy Consultants keep you informed at all times re the status of my engagement including problems and solutions.” Or did we not?
  22. How can we improve our Client communication?
  23. did we shelter you from administrative problems tasks, so you could focus on your daily business?
  24. Were the weekly email engagement updates written in professional, simple way and easy to understand?
  25. Was there was too much unnecessary information in the weekly engagement status update? If so could you let us know more details on what we could have removed or simplified?
  26. Did you frequently receive deliverables from Healy Consultants?
  27. Were the detailed project plans and engagement summaries useful deliverables for you, to understand the current status of the project?
  28. Did you have frequent phone calls with Healy Consultants staff, explaining engagement challenges?
  29. Did we supply simple, practical solutions to engagement problems, as they arose?
  30. Completing the engagement

  31. Did we complete the engagement within your expected timelines?”
  32. Was the corporate bank account a good choice for your business? Is it working well for you?
  33. To legally minimize your international tax, Healy Consultants Healy Consultants Group PLC would like to complete your annual accounting and tax obligations. Are you agreeable to the same? (if so, Noor to notify CRO and manager).
  34. Conclusion

  35. Do you feel you got value for money with Healy Consultants?
  36. Is there any business problem you are having now, perhaps Healy Consultants PLC can help?
  37. Did you find Healy Consultants business web site easy to use?
  38. Any additional comments by the Client: Fari to complete if any.
  39. Can we get a written professional reference letter from your firm, on your headed stationery?