Taking care of your Clients’ when they travel during an engagement

During an engagement, it is common for our multi-national Clients’ to travel to another country i) to meet us or ii) to meet the bank or iii) to meet our supplier. Going forward, please implement the following important procedures:

A week before our Client arrives in a country

  1. Email introduce your Client to all parties he plans to meet including i) our local supplier ii) and the bankers and iii) and the Government officers and iv) and local lawyers and accountants. Encourage all parties to swap cell phone numbers and physical address and maps of where the meeting will take place. Encourage all parties to agree a meeting agenda well in advance of the meeting;
  2. Through your suppliers, book an airport limo and driver to collect your Client at the airport and drive him to the hotel. Email introduce your Client to the driver and encourage all parties to swap cell phone numbers;
  3. Email your Client i) an agenda of meetings and addresses and cell phone numbers of all key parties and ii) a detailed list of what our Client must bring to the country;
  4. Your team leader to approve all costs relating to your Client visit;
  5. If it is a big Client, consider travelling to the country to meet your Client;
  6. Email your Client this web page.

During the Client visit to a country

  1. The driver to meet our Client at airport arrivals hall holding up the attached sign printout;
  2. Our supplier to accompany your Client to all meetings including banks and Government;
  3. You to daily checkin with your Client via sms or phone call.

After Client leaves the country

  1. Occasionally, bcc or cc your Client in future email communications with i) your local supplier ii) and the bankers and iii) and the Government officers and iv) and lawyers and accountants. Including your Client in third-party emails is a great way to keep them updated real-time on engagement progress. They know you are working on their engagement.


  1. Take care of your Clients’ and they will take care of you;
  2. Taking care of a Client in a foreign country means a lot to them, builds loyalty. It positively impacts Healy Consultants PLC and our multi-national Clients’.