Code of conduct policy at Healy Consultants

This Code of Conduct outlines the standard of behavior expected of employees of Healy Consultants. It is designed to assist staff to understand their responsibilities and obligations at Healy Consultants and to provide a set of principles that gives guidance on expected behavior, unacceptable behavior, and conflict resolution in the daily workplace. It is encouraged that staff read this policy together with Healy Consultants policies on a regular basis. The principles of this Code of Conduct policy applies to all employees of the Healy Consultants:

  1. All employees are expected to be at their designated work place and ready to work no later than 8.55 a.m. and lunch breaks are to be taken between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. Staff is expected to follow accurately the office timings per their employment contract;
  2. During designated office hours, it is expected that employees priority will be Healy Consultants deliverables without any exception. Attendance to personal issues are to be attended to outside office hours;
  3. At Healy Consultants there is an established casual business dress code and all staff is expected to project a professional image to customers and potential employees;
  4. There is zero tolerance for negativity in the workplace of Healy Consultants, including negative comments or emails about Healy Consultants, about the management or other employees. Employees are expected to give due respect to Healy Consultants and their co-workers both in and out of the workplace;
  5. There is zero tolerance for direct or indirect threats, personal insults or otherwise aggressive communication or emails between staff at Healy Consultants, and this type of unethical behavior must be reported to the management. At Healy consultants we strive positively to work as team with respect and trust for each other;
  6. Harassment is strongly disapproved of at Healy Consultants. We are committed to providing a workplace free of harassment based on personal characteristics, such as gender, race, ethnicity, color, religion, culture, medical condition, age, etc. We must treat co-workers, customers and suppliers with dignity and respect;
  7. All staff with a designated department manager, is requested to seek the help or guidance from their manager before directing questions or comments to the Managing Director, and staff who want the help of another department must approach the relevant department manager with their requests and not the individual employee unless there is an emergency;
  8. While the Managing Director has an open door policy, all staff is requested to accumulate their queries to reduce daily visits to the Managing Director to no more than one visit in morning and one in evening. Less is more;
  9. Individual salaries are to be kept confidential to avoid misunderstanding and only to be discussed with the Managing Director or the Human Resource Director at an appropriate time.