CRO country specialists

  • What are you responsible for?

    Each quarter, every CRO will be the country expert for between 10 and 15 countries. Your specific responsibilities include:

    1. Optimize the accuracy, quality and quantity of each country webpage content;
    2. Ensure the fee invoice is accurate and complete;
    3. Inform Aidan if your country webpage is not ranked on the first page of Google;
    4. Ensure Healy Consultants has multiple quality suppliers for each country;
    5. Optimize the possibility of closing Client sales for your country;
    6. Efficiently complete the Clients’ engagements and receive a bonus of US$500.
     Country allocation
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  • How can I optimize the quality and quantity of each country webpage?

    1. Read each country web page and inform Aidan of i) page errors and ii) sentences and paragraphs that do not make sense iii) duplicate content with other country pages. The more unique your country webpage content, the higher it will rank on Google;
    2. Compare your country page to our Singapore or Dubai page or our Germany page. Inform Aidan of deficiencies in your country page by contrast. The more quality content on your country webpage, the higher it will rank on Google;
    3. Write unique paragraphs to boost the quantity of text in your country page and ask Paavan to show you how to add in key words. Examples of paragraphs you can write are included within the attached ms word file below. Remember to rewrite these paragraphs to be unique and original. Refer to this web page for further guidance;
    4. Refer to attachment below for a list of what should be on your perfect country page. Our Singapore page is always the best example to follow:
       Paragraph examplesPerfect country page
      Supporting attachments

  • How get first page Google rankings?

    1. Weekly email inform Aidan of country pages not on the first page of google. Agree a solution strategy with Aidan. Email communicate with support staff including Paavan, Akangsha and Katie and cc Aidan. Supervise the timely implementation of those solutions by support staff. Keep Adan updated on progress;
    2. Examples of strategies you will agree with Aidan include:
      • For country pages with little content, add new content and keywords to the country page. Work closely with Paavan on this;
      • Implement webpage surgery techniques, see spreadsheet below. Work closely with IT Dept on this;
      • Ensure your country webpage i) content is unique and does not have duplicate content with other country pages and ii) does not have bad linx, work with Donovan on this;
      • Work with Katie to i) promote your country page on social media and ii) secure inbound external linx;
      • Add more reference linx from our country page to reputable external websites. For example i) weblinx to Government sites ii) adobe file linx to KPMG website iii) linx to country YouTube videos and iv) linx to bbc news articles;

    3. Twice a week, monitor the rankings of your country pages so as to timely identify problems and implement solutions;
    4. If your country page is ranking on the first page but you are not getting regular email inquiries, please inform Aidan. Either our fees are too high or our page content is not attractive to readers.
    5.  CRO surgery explainedCRO surgery checklistSurgery spreadsheet
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  • How do I ensure the fee invoice is accurate and complete?

    1. Prepare a spreadsheet comparing the fees of 10 country suppliers. You will obtain this information from i) reviewing supplier websites and ii) emailing 30 country suppliers. Only insert numbers in the spreadsheet cells, no text. Email Aidan the recommended sales prices for our new fee invoice;
    2. Ensure the notes to the invoice are accurate and complete by i) comparing to our fee invoice template (see below) and ii) communicating with suppliers and iii) agreeing to the content of the country page. For example, is note correct when is says a company secretary is required? Or an office is required before incorporation? Lets get the facts right so we look credible;
    3. Ensure the fee section of the webpage includes this paragraph – “Incorporation costs in Year 1 amount to US$XXX and annual company costs in Year 2 and thereafter amount to US$xxx. The average total fees per (Singapore) engagement amounts to US$xxxx, including company incorporation, resident director, corporate bank account, and virtual office address. Refer to draft invoice embedded here”.
    4.  Supplier feesInvoice template
      Supporting attachmentsKaren to insert spreadsheet here

  • Why should I communicate with country suppliers?

    1. To obtain social media linx, see checklist below;
    2. To secure a country address for our country webpages;
    3. To confirm our fee levels;
    4. Confirm accuracy of page content;
    5. To identify new products we should sell through our country web page;
    6. To obtain country golden nuggets;
    7. Refer to this webpage to better explain why our suppliers are so important to us.
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  • How do I optimize the possibility of closing a Client sale?

    1. Your country page will include your photo and your email address, thus you will directly receive page inquiries. Each country page will also include the local office address of your preferred supplier;
    2. Within one hour of receiving a Client inquiry, please ring the Client to discuss his needs. If the Client sounds serious, pass him to Aidan to finish the phone discussion. Alternatively, you can delegate the sales reply to the right CRO to optimize the probability of sale. For example, Karen should ring Chinese Clients’ and Sehar should ring Muslim clients and Chrissi should ring Spanish Clients;
    3. Within 2 hours of each Client inquiry, please email reply with a detailed proposal that is tailored for his biz problem. Alternatively, you can delegate the sales reply to the right CRO to optimize the probability of sale. Emailing a standard email template to a client will not win you a sale as he will perceive you to be a robot, not caring, assembly line email. Your email replies must contain simple, practical solutions to his specific biz problems;
    4. The next day, please ring the Client to ensure he received your email. Clients’ are more likely to be attracted to Healy Consultants if you implement these small communication strategies;
    5. Historically, staff will optimize the probability of closing a sale if you can have Aidan speak to the Client to clarify and agree a business solution. Because his time is limited, please pass quality, serious Clients to Aidan. Ways to achieve this include:
      • Transfer a quality client direct into Aidan’s desk phone, regardless if I am in a meeting;
      • Email Aidan the phone sheet below, so he can call the Client at a convenient time day or night;
      • Get Client on Skype and bring laptop into Aidan’s office;
      • Send an outlook meeting request to Aidan with Client phone number and dial time and time-zone;
      • Encourage the Client to call Aidan at the office between 11am and 4pm Singapore time.

    6. One week later, please email a sales follow up to the Client. If you don’t get a positive reply then leave it at that, we did the best we could;
    7. Critically evaluate the sales email templates you send your Clients. Inform Aidan of ideas for improvement. For example, you may prefer i) a more tailored phone agenda that suits you or ii) including a country comparison table in a sales emails to give Clients’ options;
    8. For more recommendations, follow the instructions in the email below:
       Closing a sale guidanceSales email checklistAidan to phone Client
      Supporting attachments

  • When do I get paid a bonus?

    Follow the instructions in the email below:

     Bonus guidance
    Supporting attachments

  • The benefits of this country expert approach

    1. All staff become experts on countries increasing your professional growth, knowledge and job satisfaction;
    2. Staff are given ownership of countries and empowered to i) create a quality product (country webpage) to ii) communicate with Clients’ and suppliers iii) promote your product through google rankings and social media iv) close sales with Clients’ and v) efficiently project manage engagement completion. If staff are successful in their efforts, they are directly rewarded with sales bonuses. Aidan is happy to guide you through the above;
    3. Instead of Aidan solely pushing improvements of 100 country pages and their google rankings, all staff can share this responsibility. Consequently, page ranking problems are highlighted sooner and webpage solutions implemented faster;
    4. More first page rankings mean i) more website traffic ii) more email inquiries iii) more country sales iv) more Clients v) more renewals vi) a more exciting place to work vii) more staff and viii) the closer we resemble the wolf of wall street!
    5. There will be less of Aidan’s impulsive, corrective reactions to country ranking problems. Instead, the IT dept will receive more organized, timely requests from multiple staff.
  • How do I change my countries?

    • Each quarter end, you can keep existing countries or choose new ones;
    • During a quarter, you can swap with other staff with Aidan’s written approval;
    • It is important that staff are in charge of countries they are genuinely interested to learn about. It will not work if the country is an administrative burden on you;
    • When staff change their countries, this event increases the administrative burden on Aidan and the IT dept. Therefore, only do when necessary.
  • What are you not allowed to do?

    Change webpage content without Akangsha and Aidan’s approval.

  • Appendix one

    • What should each country page contain?

      No. If it is not there, who do I contact
      1.Your photo and email addressYour photo and email address
      2.A country addressSign a supplier contract and add their address to the country page with the help of the IT dept
      3.Paavan to complete