Engagement advancement policy at Healy Consultants

This engagement advancement policy outlines the standard of behavior expected of all employees of Healy Consultants Before every new or existing Client pays Healy Consultants for a new engagement. This policy is designed to assist staff members to understand their responsibilities and obligations at Healy Consultants and to provide a set of principles that gives guidance on expected behavior and unacceptable behavior in the daily workplace.

  1. Every Healy Consultants employee must provide any Client with a complete and detailed engagement advancement email. Without exceptions every engagement advancement email must:
    • Be reviewed by the Managing Director before it reaches the Client;
    • Be approved by the Managing Director before it reaches the Client.

  2. This engagement advancement email must provide our valued Clients complete and competitive solutions in a problem-solving manner, as per Healy Consultants’ mission and values;
  3. Every engagement advancement email given to the Managing Director must be accompanied by the engagement costs, highlighted in red for profitability determination purposes. Healy Consultants targets only quality Client and consequently engagements that are highly profitable. Unless otherwise instructed by our Managing Director, Healy Consultants should avoid initiating new engagements for less than US$5,000;
  4. Before submitting any work permit, dependant’s pass, SPass, EPass or any other type of visa/ relocation services in Singapore or in any other country in the World, the Managing director needs to review and approve the application. There are no exceptions to this rule.