Evolution of Client sales process

The page below describes the procedures to follow by each CRO when receiving an inquiry from a Client. It also includes some tips on how to prepare a quality sales email. Feel free to contact your direct senior CROs for additional information and personal assistance.

How to answer a Client inquiry

  1. Aidan allocates Clients’ email inquiries to the most appropriate CRO. Yvonne allocates phone inquiries to the most appropriate CRO;
  2. If a number is available, the CRO immediately rings the Client to discuss his needs and preferences. The CRO offers a range of solutions for the Client to choose. A junior CRO should only make this call with a senior CRO. If the Client is serious and wishes to proceed fast, then pass the call to Aidan Healy for further discussion with the Client;

    If no number is available, make sure to request for one in your sales email;

  3. Immediately after the call, the CRO email replies to the Client using the most up to date i) email template ii) sales invoice . The invoice agrees to the country web pages. The invoice is tailored for the Clients’ specific needs. For instance, if the Client wishes to apply for a work permit and use virtual office services, such services should be included in the invoice face. Always verify that the invoice in the share folder is also the one available on the website (the website invoice always prevails).

    Note: low quality LLC invoices (usually not “z” or “p” invoices) should be improved before being sent to Client. The same advice often also applies to branch and representative office invoices. In such cases, the junior CRO i) improves the invoice ii) gets it approved by a Senior CRO iii) sends it for upload to IT team and iv) include it in his email to the Client.

    To optimise the appeal of our sales email, the CRO should include the following in each sales email:

    • Linx to relevant country web pages web pages;
    • A tailored phone call agenda with Clients’ name on the attachment;
    • Some sentences in the email in the Client’s preferred language, e.g. Russian;
    • Mention we tried to contact the Client and left a message;
    • Where possible, insert the following phrases and linx i) project manage ii) weekly engagement status updates iii) detailed due diligence iv) a detailed project plan v) engagement strategy document vi) high quality communication vii) Healy Consultants is the best in the world viii) fees transparency;
    • I recommend you carefully read the notes to the attached sales invoice, to ensure your Firm has identified all services required including the relevant engagement fees;
    • It is important to answer every question sentence in the Client email, while minimising the amount of time on each sales email, it is also important to write specific tailored solutions to each question raised by the Client. Avoid robotic responses. It is critical to identify what is important to the Client and include a para in the sales email, discussing this important matter;
    • Your auto-signature should be the same as Aidan Healy, also including in the email your photo and a link to your profile page.

  4. A senior CRO reviews the sales email to improve the quality of the deliverable. For complex, non-template emails, send the sales email for Aidan Healy review and approval.

What to do after answering a Client inquiry

  1. If a Client replies to your sales email, it is critical you answer every question he asks without doing too much research. It is wise to send a draft of your email reply to a senior CRO and to Aidan Healy;
  2. After receiving a call or an answer, the CRO may also decide to send an engagement advancement email with a tailored invoice and engagement letter;
  3. Within a week, email follow up the sales email with the wording “Hi Just following up on the email below? Did you successfully receive my recent email (see below) together with the relevant attachments? Have you concluded as to how and when you wish to proceed?” Feel free to ring the Client again to conclude if the Client is interested or not;
  4. As soon as practical, email the Client either i) a retainer fee email or ii) an engagement advancement email. Both of these emails needs to be approved by a CRO and by Aidan Healy (click link). After a Client receives these emails, then you know for sure if the Client is serious or wasting your time. The latest drafts of these emails are attached below:
     Engagement advancement emailRetainer fee email
    Email draftsEngagement advancement emailRetainer fee email

  5. Ask the Client to pay into Healy Consultants Group Singapore corporate bank account with Standard Chartered Bank;
  6. Alter the CRO timely completes the engagement while keeping the Client happy, ask Aidan Healy for a bonus of US$ 500.