Flexi-time Policy

Intention of policy:

  • Employees are better able to meet their personal responsibilities, eg. those with young children who need to be taken to/from school, or employees who needs to leave early to attend evening classes. This arrangement helps employees to balance their work and personal lives better, thereby increasing their motivation and productivity
  • Flexi-time arrangements should be implemented without compromising the organizations’ goals, eg. service to clients must be maintained and operational requirements must be met;
  • Policy will be run on a trial basis of 3 months (10.05.17-31.08.17) and its impact will be evaluated at that point before implementing a permanent policy.
  • The equivalent of 8 hours must be worked each day or 40 hours per week.

Working through lunch on Friday:

This clause could cover such circumstances as facilitating leaving office early on a Friday to beat traffic into Malaysia or to facilitate a flight schedule.


  • Approval must be sought from manager at least 1 week in advance.
  • This may be combined with coming early or working late on preceding week to make up work hours.
  • For more than 2 hours request, request must go through HR and MD.

For calls taken at home:

For staff dealing with clients who take a client call beyond 10pm, then they may come in 30minutes later the following morning.


  • Manager must verify call.
  • Staff must inform their manager of plan on day of call.

For staff dealing with clients who have several calls to make later in evening in office, then they can come in to work up to 2 hours later in morning and work later in office to compensate.


  • Manager must verify calls.
  • Staff must inform their manager of plan at least 1 day in advance.
  • This is not a compensation for overtime and purely covers calls that absolutely need to be made later in evening.

Lunch Time Flexibility

1 hour lunch break can be taken anytime between 12.30-2.30.


  • Agree with manager on day if there is any change to your usual schedule.
  • Let the front desk know.
  • Maximum duration of lunch 1hour 15 mins with 15 minutes being made up on same day.

Working from home

You must seek prior approval if you want to work from home to accommodate unusual circumstances e.g. Have to meet a repair man.


  • Agree with manager, HR and MD at least 1 day in advance if there is any change to your usual schedule.
  • You must be online and available to take calls and answer emails during work hours.

Later start in morning

This allows that you can have an arrangement with your manager to start up to 1 hour later in the morning and to work 1 hour later in evening.


  • Agree with manager at least one week in advance if there is any change to your usual schedule.
  • Let the front desk know.


  • Any requests related to flexitime outside of what is detailed above can be discussed on a case by case basis with Department Manager, HR and MD. e.g. emergency cases
  • Please note that staff are welcome to submit wishes for new policies to HR at any time, which will be reviewed during department heads meetings.