Front desk reception

  • Every morning

    1. Turn on the TV in the waiting room;
    2. Open Aidan’s door. Turn on Aidan’s computer (launch emails) and the projector. Turn on the TV in his office, put on mute. Add water to Aidan’s purifier, along with 12 drops of his chosen scent;
    3. Call forwarding (instruction is on the front desk, I will show you how to do that);
    4. Buy fruits for the office at Fairprice downstairs;
    5. Log into Skype and LivePerson.
      For Skype, user name is healyconsultants, for password please contact the IT team.
      During the day, there may be client enquiries.
  • Anserwing the phone

    1. When clients ask for a particular staff (e.g. Karen, Chrissi, Karen, etc), ask for their name and the company they are calling from, put on hold (press the ‘hold’ button in red) and dial the respective staff’s extension, tell them to pick up the line (1, 2, 3, or 4);
    2. When clients ask for company set up in a particular country, please refer to the spreadsheet attached and transfer the call to the respective CRO. In rare cases, you may just transfer it randomly to any CRO;
    3. In case the clients ask for a particular staff and he/she is not at his/her desk, get the name of the client, their contact number and where they are calling from. Then pass the details to the respective staff;
    4. If the person asks for Aidan, get their name and try to find out if he/she is our client or if Aidan is expecting their call. If yes, then you can forward the call to Aidan. If it sounds like a sales call, ask them to drop an email.
  • Before leaving the office

    1. Turn off the TV in the waiting room;
    2. Turn off Aidan’s purifier, computer, projector, and the TV.  Close door;
    3. Turn off the computer and projector in the big boardroom (if they are on);
    4. Do the call forwarding at 6pm;
    5. If you are the last person leaving the office, please turn off all the lights and lock the front doors.
  • Office mails

    1. Every afternoon collect the mail from the mail box downstairs;
    2. Access Staff Shared Folder folders (contact IT team for setting up the connection), click on the spreadsheet ‘Total database (update here) 10-12-13’;
    3. Each client’s company has a file number. Search for company name on spreadsheet, write down file number on top of envelope;
    4. Put mail in respective folders in the filing cabinets (in mailing room);
    5. There is a spreadsheet with the information of 23 clients who have specifically asked us to either:
      • Email them once their mail has been received
      • Inform them, and that they can collect in person
      • Forward them the mail once a month
      • Email and forward them the mail once a month
      • Scan mail

    6.  If a client who does not pay for mailing service, and has not enquired (via email, phone) about a specific important piece of mail, then throw all mail in the trash.
  • Courier and Registered Mail

    1. TNT and DHL envelopes are in the stationary cabinet, fill out the forms, put the documents in the envelopes and call them to book collections.
    2. For registered mails, you can find the airway bills in the stationary cabinet, fill them out and go to the post office.
    3. For each courier collected, there will be a copy of the airway bill for us to keep. Put them in the filing cabinet next to the front desk. TNT, DHL, or Fedex will send over the tax invoices for us to settle. You should check the invoices and the airway bills if they match, and then pass to Karen so she can make the payment.
  • When there are meetings

    1. Staff will send a meeting invitation on outlook if they have meetings with clients/bank officers, etc. Please accept those invitations so you will get reminders and know who will be coming;
    2. Ask the staff if they need to turn on the Board Room computer. If yes, please do so;
    3. When clients come, greet them, ask them to wait in the waiting room. Let the concerned CRO know their clients are here;
    4. Then you may show the clients to the board room, ask them if they would like anything to drink. If they say yes, proceed to getting them the drinks they want.
  • Petty cash

    1. Everytime you make a payment or receive petty cash from Aidan, it must i) be recorded in the petty cash spreadsheet and ii) come with a receipt;
    2. When staff run errands, please give them cash, and ask them to give you the change (if any) the receipts when they come back;
    3. If you receive petty cash from Karen, please record it in the petty cash spreadsheet as well;
    4. Please round all payments. For example, $2.30 will be put as $2 in the spreadsheet, $6.80 will be put as $7;
    5. Gather the receipts for each day, staple them together and put in the envelope for July receipts.
  • Ordering stationery

    • You can email Cynthia at, stating the product codes (can be found in the Popular catalogue at the front desk) and place the order. They will deliver to our office. Give Karen the invoice and she will make the payment.
  • Other invoices/payments

    • These include invoices for the water/office plants, etc. Please pass them to Karen so she can make the payment.