Grievance Procedure

Healy Consultants Management and HR work hard to provide avenues for you to air and resolve employment related grievances, provide fair and responsible employment practices, and treat employees with respect.

If you have a grievance, your first point of contact should be your manager. If your grievance has not been handled to your satisfaction or if your grievance is related to your manager then you can approach HR directly. Your manager can also involve HR at any time that they feel it is appropriate. HR will escalate your grievance to the managing director for resolution if it cannot be handled by your manager and HR.

The suggestion box procedure has been put in place, if you want to air something anonymously, but we only encourage this avenue if you have already explored avenues mentioned above.

The appraisal process (held biannually June & December) is also an ideal place to air a grievance and you will be encouraged during this session to voice out concerns that you have and that you would like to see resolved.
MOM also provide some information on workplace grievances here.

Reviews on Glassdoor

As advised by Glassdoor, we will be encouraging staff to put reviews on Glassdoor from time to time during different phases of their employment e.g. Following recruitment (Review of Interview Process), during permanent employment, prior to leaving and after leaving the company. Glassdoor should not be used as forum to air grievances. As recommended by Glassdoor “reviews should include the best reasons to work for their employer as well as insight on areas or policies that could be improved.”

Placing negative reviews that harm Healy Consultants reputation is a breach of your employment contract. We will communicate with the Government for our rights.

Common Questions on Glassdoor can be found here.