Healy Consultants is grateful for your business

Healy Consultants is grateful for your business. Aidan Healy recommends the following to make your Singapore visit an enjoyable and profitable one!

  1. Fly Singapore airlines business class and stay at St Regis hotel in orchard city centre;
  2. Henry our limo driver meets you at the airport arrivals hall and chauffeurs you to your hotel in comfort! Free of charge;
  3. Healy Consultants lends you a prepaid cell phone and a prepaid mobile wifi thumbstick for the duration of your stay. Free of charge;
  4. Use our office boardroom for meetings. Free of charge;
  5. Have our limo driver Henry chauffeur you around the city in comfort and on time!
  6. Visit the night safari and dine at Clarke Quay!
  7. Do an hour meeting with Aidan Healy to discuss how to improve your business. Free of charge;
  8. Do some work on your laptop over a caramel latte at the Forum coffee bean with a cigar!
  9. Get a foot massage at Valley Point Shopping Centre while you work on your laptop!
  10. Go to the cinema at the Shaw Centre!
  11. Meet Aidan for a drink at Dempsey Hill at 8pm and shoot some pool/snooker!
  12. Sit in the outdoor Marriott café with tea and apple strudel and ice cream and watch a world of people pass you by!
  13. Buy some gifts for your family at Tanglin Mall;
  14. Henry our limo driver returns you to the airport on time!


Ask your dedicated Healy Consultants engagement project manager for help organising the above. We are excited to meet you in Singapore!