How to send Clients invoices through PayPal

In order to use PayPal’s payment request function to request Clients to pay i) a small fee or ii) a US$1,000 retainer fee to keep talking to us, please send Sharon the following details:

  1. The engagement invoice sent to the Client including 4.5% PayPal charges;
  2. The Client’s PayPal account details:
    • Name;
    • Address;
    • Email address.

Here is a guide on how you can work it into your Client conversations:

  • Client explains his problem;
  • CRO says – I understand your needs and my team and I would like to work on this engagement and come up with a simple practical solution for you;
  • Client says – great thank you;
  • CRO says – we need to spend a few hours/days engineering this solution. If you need us to do this, I need to collect a small retainer fee of US$ 1k from you;
  • Client – usually says “ok” to this;
  • CRO says – There are three ways you can pay this fee to us i) you can make a credit card payment on this web page (click link) or ii) I can email you a simple PayPal invoice now or iii) I can email you our multi-currency corporate bank account details in a bank near you (e.g., HSBC India);
  • Client and you agree;
  • If Client says no to the above then great, you have just saved yourself time on a potential Client that does not want to pay you for your time or service.