Mail in and mail out process

Please find below procedures implemented for all mail received at the Singapore office and all mail sent to Government and Clients.

  • Mail in procedures

    1. All mail sent to Healy Consultants’ office is received by Fari;
    2. After receipt of a mail, Healy Consultants staff to complete the below procedures:
      • Within the same business day, Fari to stamp the mail as “received on xx-xx-20xx”;
      • Depending on the nature of the mail, Fari to immediately pass the mail to either Karen or Sharon or CRO as per table below;
      • Within 2 business days for all Client mail (business and Government) forward scan of the courier to the Client;
      • Within 5 business days for all Government mail, answer Government query or action the required action;
      • Within 5 business days, confirm to Fari proper action has been taken;
      • Fari to thereafter stamp the letter as i) “forwarded on xx-xx-20xx” and / or ii) answered on “xx-xx-20xx”.

    3. For all Government mail, staff to email-notify a) Karen b) relevant CRO in writing;
    4. For all important Government mail, inform also Aidan, Simon and Cai Xin of receipt, with scan attached;
    5. Registered mail receipts to be signed at front desk and the receipt to be kept for 5 years;
  • Summary of mail-in allocation

    1. Within the below timelines, all mail received must have been followed by the below actions;
    Type of mailTo be handed to:Action required?Review by?
    • HC entities and Aidan mails;
    • Sharon and Chloe
    • Aidan to decide
    • Karen and;
    • Aidan when required
    • Government mails and bank statements for Clients;
    • Karen and her team;
    • Send scan to Clients within 3 biz days;
    • Then weekly follow up if necessary.
    • Karen and;
    • Aidan when required.
    • Commercial and other mails for Clients;
    • Relevant CRO or;
    • Simon and Karen to assign a team member.
    • Forward to Clients within 5 biz days;
    • When applicable, inform Client we will charge for VO services
    • Relevant CRO manager and;
    • Aidan when required.
  • Mail classification

    1. All Healy Consultants staff receiving “important Government mail” must inform Aidan, Simon and Cai Xin of receipt, with scan attached;
    2. See table below for most categories of “important Government mail”;
    3. The list is indicative so for Government mail, always request confirmation from your manager.
    Important Government mail
    1. Deregistration notices
    2. Strike off notices
    3. IRAS late tax notice
    4. ACRA late filing notice
    5. Grant claim letter
    6. Marshall Island’s letter
    7. Lawyers letters and Court letters
    8. Hong Kong Court summon/notification
  • Mail out procedures

    1. All mail sent by Healy Consultants’ staff are handled by Fari;
    2. The distribution process of the mail is as follows:
    Purpose of the mailExamplesType of mail to use
    • Urgent local mail to be delivered within same day
    • Urgent answer to Government or bank forms
    • Preferably The Roadmaster Courier;
    • Henry when applicable.
    • Client deliverables – international
    • Company kit, bank application forms
    • Preferably international courier via DHL with tracking number;
    • Alternatively, FedEx or TNT.
    • International non-urgent mail
    • Documents requested by suppliers;
    • Documents requested by Dubai or Petar
    • Preferably registered mail via SingPost with tracking number.
    • Local non-important letters
    • Cheques to supplier;
    • Return permits to M.O.M.
    • Local mail, with no delivery receipt
  • Record keeping process

    1. Fari to keep excel records of all mails sent and received including i) sender name ii) receiver name iii) date iv) type of courier v) CRO or Healy Consultants staff recipient.