Medical Expenses Benefit

  • All full-time confirmed staff shall be entitled to a medical coverage entitlement of up to SG$200/year.
  • The benefit can be used for:
    • Payment of medical insurance or part of a medical insurance package;
    • Visits to clinics, general practitioners and other medical practitioners for visits of a medical nature, including preventive care e.g.screening tests, annual visits to the dentist or the GP, flu vaccines;
    • Medicine and drugs prescribed by a clinic or medical pratictionner;
    • Dental Care.

  • This medical benefit will not be applicable during probationary period for all staff.
  • All claims for medical expenses reimbursement must be supported by official receipts and (if applicable) diagnosis of the sickness;
  • Employees looking to receive reimbursement for medical expenses excluded from the above categories are encouraged to seek prior approval in writing from HR before proceeding with the expense. Approval for excluded expenses may be given on a case by case basis.
  • If a member of staff resigns, then the benefit will be prorated and the balance due will be deducted from the final pay cheque.

    Example: If I work in Healy consultants from 1-12-17 to 31-12-17 I can claim up to S$200.

    If I claim my dental in May’16 S$200 but resign on July’16 then S$83 is owed back to company. 200/12*5( for Aug to dec) =S$83

  • Employees will initially pay their own medical expenses and seek compensation from Healy Consultants afterwards with a valid receipt.
  • All claims must be approved by HR.
  • This policy is effective from 1st Jan 2017.