The recruitment process for Clients

Since 2003, Healy Consultants Group PLC helps our multi-national Clients recruit quality employees in every country on the planet. Depending on the staff position and country, our fee ranges from US$5,460 to US$8,500 payable by instalments:

StepHow we recruit a quality employee for our ClientTimeline
1.Healy Consultants Group PLC and our Client agree total engagement costs and timelines;Week 1
2.Our Client settles an instalment of US$3,000 with Healy Consultants Group PLC;
3.Healy Consultants and our Client agree i) a written draft of candidate profile ii) recruitment strategy and iii) a detailed project plan;
4.Healy Consultants crafts i) a quality advert for the specific job vacancy and ii) a candidate questionnaire to determine the applicants’ personality, skills, goals and common sense and iii) business tasks for the candidate to complete and iv) a quality web page explaining the role in more details, just like this one;Week 2
5.Our Client reviews and approves our deliverables. Healy Consultants publishes the advert across multiple online professional job-search portals, job banks, university portals and print media. The advert contains a link to the web page explaining the role in more details;
6.Healy Consultants HR department receives 100’s of resumes.
7.Our Client settles a second instalment of US$2,000 with Healy Consultants Group PLCWeek 3
8.Healy Consultants filters the resumes and emails recruitment questionnaires to potential quality candidates;
9.For the candidates that timely reply with a quality complete questionnaire, Healy Consultants HR department will ring those candidates for a first round interview. We explain the remaining steps of the recruitment process;
10.For selected candidates, Healy Consultants will email i) a personality profiling questionnaire and ii) some business tasks to complete;
11.The above steps fast identify quality candidates suitable for our Client’s business. Candidates with common sense, practical, flexible and problem solvers;
12.Our Client settles a third instalment of US$2,000 with Healy Consultants Group PLC
13.Healy Consultants HR Director conducts a second phone interview with the remaining filtered quality candidates; or a face to face interview if possible;
14.Healy Consultants Group PLC supplies our Client a weekly detailed engagement status update re progress;
15.Mr. Aidan Healy conducts a final interview with the remaining candidates;Week 4
16.Healy Consultants emails our Client the final list of candidates, together with supporting information;
17.Our Client to conduct final interview with candidates and agrees remuneration;
18.Healy Consultants Group PLC and our Client agree a draft employment contract and we email the same to the preferred candidates;
19.Healy Consultants Group PLC skillfully negotiates terms and conditions with the candidates;
20.The employment contract is signed by our preferred candidate. And our Client settles the remaining recruitment fees with Healy Consultants Group PLC.
21.If required, Healy Consultants will assist our Client secure employee visa approval;
22.Our Client provides Healy Consultants online feedback (click link) and considers putting a testimonial on our web site (click link);

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