Client inquiries phone questionnaire

Who to call – recent Client inquiries?

  1. Each week, fari approaches staff and asks who can she call for a survey? Ask staff by email and face to face;

The call – introduction and outlines of the procedures

  1. This is Fari from Healy Consultants PLC in Singapore;
  2. is it convenient to talk now?
  3. Last Thursday, ms chrissi zamora replied to your inquiries re japan company registration. Did you receive her email?;
  4. I just want to do a 3 minute call with you to get your feedback as to how well Healy Consultants served and helped you;
  5. We wish to further improve the quality of our professional services;


  1. Was our business web site helpful?
  2. Did you find the first email sufficiently informative? Or was it overwhelming and/or lacking important information you needed?
  3. Did you like the hyperlinks included in our email directing you to useful information on our webpages? Or did you find that they were not that useful?
  4. Did you review the draft invoice included with the email you received from [CRO name]? If so, did you find the information useful?
  5. Could you let us know more details on what we could have added, removed or simplified in the first email you received?


  1. In summary, what is your general impression after liaising with Healy Consultants?
  2. Would you recommend your business partners to contact us for future projects?
  3. Any additional comments by the Client: Fari to complete if any.