Sales Strategies

When sending sales emails

  1. Know our important links web pages and insert them in your blue tailored answers to their email questions;
  2. Change the header of every sales email to something like i) ‘’Company registration and multi-currency corporate bank account in (country) – without travel’’ or ii) ‘’business set up in (country) – without travel’’;
  3. They key to closing the sale is your blue comments in their email. Back up your contents with a web link to our business web site or from our important links web pages;
  4. Smart important links web pages to include in your blue answers are i) project manage and ii) Client deliverables and iii) A to Z of business set up and iv) detailed project plan and v) business set up cycle and vi) weekly detailed engagement status update and vii) corporate bank account opening process and viii) travelling to meet the bank and ix) annual accounting and tax obligations;
  5. For learning purposes, senior staff to bcc other CRO’s in quality sales emails;
  6. Smart new sentences to include in sales emails include i) Government grants and ii) free value-added services. Over the coming weeks, Aidan to email those sentences to CRO’s;
  7. After every sales email you must i) send a free quality deliverable and ii) send a Friday follow up email.

Phone calls

  1. Before the call, ensure you know i) the country corporation tax rate and ii) what currency controls and iii) the Ministry responsible for company registration (e.g. ACRA) and iv) our country web pages and v) engagement fees and timelines and vi) view the Client business web site and vii) read Client email and questionnaire carefully and viii) is a nominee resident director / manager / representative required and ix) is a nominee national shareholder required and x) can a foreign person be sole bank signatory for a corporate bank account in this country;
  2. Call USA and Asian Clients’ at 9am your time;
  3. No reply – leave a message and send a sales email;
  4. If they answer, use our specific telephone questionnaire template (click link);
  5. A good phone call means a 75% probability of successful closing of a sale;
  6. Ask another staff member to join you including i) a member of The Management Team or ii) senior manager or iii) a staff with that country experience (click link);
  7. Learn the list of popular questions and answers (click link);
  8. Smart things to say on every call:
    • Is it convenient to talk;
    • I carefully read your email;
    • …..without your travel;
    • Say yes to everything;
    • What I would do if I was you is this ……..;
    • I recommend this simple, practical low cost solution…..;
    • I did a similar engagement x months ago;
    • My team is currently doing a similar engagement for that country;
    • My team and I ….;
    • Healy Consultants Group PLC;
    • (country) business set up is straight forward if you know how;
    • payable by instalments (click link);
    • I don’t know but i) I will find out and revert to you before x pm or ii) pay me a retainer fee of US$ 1k to find out or iii) I will ask the country expert to call you by x pm or iv) and v) and vi) and vii) and viii) and ix) and;
    • What global banking relationships do they already have;
    • As a free value-added business set up service for you, I will research i) what Government grants available to recover business set up investment costs and ii) we will help with…….;
    • As a free value-added business set up service for you, I will email introduce you to a senior person in the i) Small Business Association and ii) Chamber of Commerce and iii) the local embassy and iv) our local Clients to guide you and v) our preferred customs agent and vi) a trade finance agent and vii) etc;
    • Guaranteed deliverables or your money back (click link);
    • I am available by WhatsApp, sms, skype, cell phone and email and viber;
    • What is in the news about i) where the Client lives and ii) the country for business set up and iii) global economic growth.

  9. Quality words to use include i) multi-national Clients’ and ii) multi-currency corporate bank account opening and iii) legally tax exempt and iv) project manage and v) business set up and vi) timely and efficiently and vii) accurately and completely and viii) timely quality deliverables and ix) x months ago;
  10. On every call you must:
    • Give potential Client an estimate of total engagement fees; either i) US$ 5k or ii) US$ 10k or iii) US$ 15k or iv) US$ 20k v) etc;
    • Give potential Client an estimate of total engagement time; either i) 1 month or ii) 2 months or iii) 3 months or iv) 4 months v) etc;
    • I will give you i) a company registration number within x months and ii) corporate bank account numbers within 2 months and iii) a city center business address and iv) tax numbers within x months and a v) regulatory license \ import license within x months etc;
    • Within x months, you will be able to legally conduct business in this country including i) issue sales invoices and ii) receive customer funds transfers and iii) sign legal contracts and iv) pay suppliers and v) hire staff and vi) sign a lease agreement and vii) import or export your products;
    • My team and I will complete this engagement with or without your travel;
    • Agree a specific time when you will revert with a sales emails and engagement letter;
    • You must frequently summarize what Client just said;
    • Ask when are they next travelling abroad, so they can help with corporate bank account opening.

  11. If a Client is under time pressure for business set up, recommend i) the purchase of a shelf company purchase at 50% premium or ii) a turnkey solution at 100% premium or iii) a fast business set up solution at 150% premium;
  12. During every call, look for the opportunity to i) ask for a retainer fee of US$ 1,000 and ii) mention a shelf company purchase and iii) mention and iv) and v) and vi) and vii) and viii) and ix) and;
  13. After every call you must i) send either an engagement advancement email or a retainer fee email to serious Clients’ or ii) send non-serious Clients’ to your preferred supplier as a goodwill gesture and iii) it is smart to Sms or WhatsApp them after the call.