Signing policy at Healy Consultants

This Signing policy outlines the standard of behavior expected of all employees of Healy Consultants. It is designed to assist staff members to understand their responsibilities and obligations at Healy Consultants and to provide a set of principles that gives guidance on expected behavior, unacceptable behavior, and conflict resolution in the daily workplace.

It is highly encouraged that all Healy Consultants staff read this policy together with other Healy Consultants policies on a regular basis.

  1. All employees are expected to sign with their own name only on behalf of Healy Consultants only for administrative, routine and low risk documents. Examples documents include: Corporate Service Agreements with supplier, courier receipts and other. While the Managing Director has an open door policy, one of the aims of this policy is to reduce daily visits to the Managing Director. Less is more;
  2. Without the Managing Director’s written approval, no staff member is allowed to do the following:
    • Sign documents with the Managing Director’s electronic signature;
    • Sign cheques or sign any funds transfer documents;
    • Sign or authorise any company credit card, paypal or any other transactions method;
    • Sign in any document with the Managing Director’s name whatsoever.

  3. There will be zero tolerance in case of employee violates the aforementioned policy. If an employee breaches this simple policy, it will result in either i) an employee warning or ii) immediate dismissal.
  4. Every employee is expected to comply with the Signing Policy. In case of confusion regarding the above rules, all staff employees are encouraged to address their queries to Ms. Karen Lee or Mr. Petar Chakarov.

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