Healy Consultants staff benefits

Healy Consultants staff enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Weekly Yoga Class and free lunch;
  2. Daily fresh Fruit and Nut Snacks Provided In Pantry;
  3. Tea, Coffee, Bottled Water and Milk provided in Pantry;
  4. New Business Bonus of US$500;
  5. Turnkey solution bonus of US$500;
  6. Professional, passive nominee director and shareholder bonus of US$1,000;
  7. The best and latest computers & software provided;
  8. A comfortable, clean office environment;
  9. An office where there is zero politics, zero discrimination, zero racism. All employees are treated the same and given equal opportunities;
  10. A working environment where employee ideas are immediately implemented and creativity is rewarded;
  11. The option to work from home if not feeling well;
  12. Medical insurance for low paid staff;
  13. 11 Paid Public Holidays, paid Sick Leave and annual leave;
  14. Employment costs of approx. S$240 paid by Healy Consultants including medical exam, card and reentry visa costs covered;
  15. Employment pass renewal costs of S$180 paid by Healy Consultants;
  16. 6 monthly appraisals to align employer-employee goals;
  17. The opportunity to learn about every country in the world including legal, accounting and tax, banking etc.