Standard operating procedure for payments

To expedite account department workload, please follow the below SOP of payment.

Payment to suppliers

  1. Get pre-approval from Aidan, please forward me his “GTG” email if I am not in the CC;
  2. Email me the invoice with the supplier bank details. Please confirm with your supplier if we need to pay through Intermediate bank for their payment to reduce any mistaken or bank charges. Especially for those developing country;
  3. Please simple indicate in the email “to pay the XXX supplier for the incorporation services of XXX. The amount to be paid is US$XXX”. It helps me to clarify when I go through the account with Aidan.

Purchase for company

  1. Forward me the email from Aidan. If you confirm with him verbally, please indicate in the email that you got his approval and cc him the email;
  2. Send me the invoice for accounting purpose;
  3. Please send me the email if any refund.

Payment for subscription

Send me the invoice/ statement monthly. For the first order, please indicate the purpose for the subscription.

Client sales invoices

Email cc me when sending a paid invoice to Clients’. I need to include in my accounting and tax files so we pay the correct annual profits tax.