Suggestion Box

Healy Consultants have installed a suggestion box so that you feel your opinions/ suggestions can be heard and to give you the opportunity to speak freely and with anonymity.

Suggestion Box Procedure

  • The suggestion box is located prominently at the entrance to the office and staff (or even clients) are encouraged and welcomed to make suggestions as and when they need to.
  • Suggestion slips are provided at the box for your use.
  • Suggestions can be anonymous or you can leave your name on the suggestion slip.
  • HR will check the suggestion box every Thursday and follow up as follows:
    • If suggestion is straight forward, makes a lot of sense to implement and gets approval from Managing Director (MD), then HR will work to implement the suggestion within an agreed timeframe.
    • If the suggestion requires input from all staff, then the suggestion will be circulated to all staff for their input and then HR will consolidate feedback and make recommendation to MD for implementation.

The suggestion box is not recommended for problems between staff. We strongly encourage you to solve matters directly with each other, your manager or with the HR department. If the matter is still not resolved, then you may use the suggestion in an appropriate way.

Examples of suggestions

  • Money Saving Initiatives (Particularly Welcome and may be rewarded!)
  • Suggestions to improve the productivity of the company;
  • How to increase sales and diversify our range of services;
  • How to reduce stress and simplify work organization;
  • Problem with management and Interoffice Politics
  • Safety Issues.