Summary of staff benefits

To recognize the contribution and value of our staff, Healy Consultants Group PLC offers the following to our hard-working employees:

Financial incentives

  1. Loyalty bonus – each employee to receive an annual bonus if certain criteria is satisfied. For more details, see this web page;
  2. Nominee director or shareholder – receive an annual fee of US$ 1,000 when you act as a professional passive nominee resident director and shareholder for a multi-national Client company;
  3. Team bonuses – employees receive a share of the annual team bonus received from i) a 10% share of the profits generated by the company or ii) a Department bonus;
  4. Sales bonus – up to 10% of the engagement margin for new Client sales brought in by you. See this web page for more details;
  5. Low cost rental in Singapore – stay at Healy Consultants Group PLC apartment (click link) for as low as S$ 1000 per month per person;
  6. During annual staff appraisals in June and December, employees’ salary may increase depending on quantity and quality of their output;
  7. Overtime i) if you must work past 8pm, you are entitled to a taxi home. Please give the receipt to Fari, and Healy Consultants will reimburse you.

Team bonding and communication initiatives

  1. Tea break at 11am – stop communicating with your PC and resume communicating with other office staff. Take a 15 minute break for a cup of tea and a chat;
  2. Quarterly social outings. If we have enough staff interested, please let us know, then Fari and HR Department will be happy to organize;
  3. To facilitate communication between staff and the The Management Team, we convene staff appraisals twice a year; in December and June;
  4. To optimize staff satisfaction, we ask employees to complete an anonymous survey in March and September. Within 4 weeks thereafter, a list of actions \ recommendations follow;
  5. Birthdays – each staff member receives a small gift to celebrate the day you were born.

Staff recognition gestures

  1. Staff going on holiday for 5 consecutive days or more – it is a joyous occasion for an employee when he is about to go on holiday. It is a joyous occasion for your team when you return to the office! To mark these occasions, Healy Consultants Group PLC supplies the following benefits:
    • Airport delivery service – when leaving for holiday, our limo driver Mr. Henry will collect you from your Singapore apartment and safely deliver you to Changi airport on time, in comfort; and
    • When you return to the office, a little welcome back gift awaits you at the 11am tea break;
    • Our staff members in Dubai and Malaysia offices can have Uber or private car arranged from their apartment to the airport. Please give Healy Consultants sufficient notification and time to arrange it for you.

  2. Employee of the month bonus of US$ 500 – throughout the year, Staff Benefits Committee will give ad hoc \ surprise bonuses or gifts to specific employees; in recognition of that individual going the extra mile to supplying quality deliverables to i) our multi-national Clients’ or ii) to other staff members or iii) to our Firm.

Staff welfare initiatives

  1. Weekly yoga – with lunch provided for participants afterward;
  2. Weekly shoulder massage;
  3. Daily fresh fruit;
  4. Daily vitamin c water;
  5. Weekly meditation \ relaxation hour (see point 29 below);
  6. Annual medical allowance.

Staff responsibilities

  1. As you can appreciate, there are a lot of staff and a lot of different benefits to keep track of. Consequently, employees are primarily responsible for the timely receipt of their staff benefits. If you do not timely receive a staff benefit, raise the matter to Healy Consultants HR department and it will be swiftly resolved in a fair and reasonable manner;
  2. The Staff Benefits Committee comprises i) The Management Team and ii) HR Department and iii) Ms. Fari and iv) Ms. Sharon;
  3. Until agreed otherwise, the Staff Benefits Committee will review and approve each benefit given to each employee including but not limited to i) financial incentives and ii) goodwill gestures;
  4. Ms. Fari will help implement i) team bonding initiatives and ii) staff welfare initiatives. Please give her the support she needs;
  5. Ms. Sharon is responsible for payment of staff financial benefits;
  6. This web page was written and approved by the Staff Benefits Committee. It is difficult task for the Committee to write a staff benefits web page that satisfies the specific individual needs of each employee. Revert to the HR department if you have specific improvements to be made to the wording on this web page;
  7. Following a majority consensus in the Staff Benefits Committee and without the consent of each employee, Healy Consultants HR department may i) change the content of this web page and or ii) introduce or discontinue a particular staff benefit;
  8. A staff benefit may be discontinued during the year if one or more of the following events occur i) lack of staff attendance \ interest \ appreciation and ii) cost exceeds the benefits and iii) and iv) and If the Staff Benefits Committee Management Team decide a particular staff benefit is not working out, it will be removed from this web page. An example, of staff benefits discontinued and re-introduced in the past include weekly yoga and meditation because of lack of employee attendance;
  9. The success of a staff benefit is aligned with employees support and participation;
  10. The Staff Benefits Committee remind staff that it is always good to say thank you for benefits received during the year.


Fortunately, each year Healy Consultants Group PLC gets marginally bigger and our cash reserves grow. All going well, our HR Department aims to annually introduce additional staff benefits. Please feel free to email us any fresh ideas you have.

Healy Consultants Group PLC is a small company and we do the best we can to optimize staff job satisfaction. Over the coming years, our staff benefits \ remuneration \ initiatives will more resemble those offered by medium and large sized companies;