Writing country pages

  • What is the objective?

    • Healy Consultants to have the best country web page in the world. This is not difficult, because the majority of competitor web pages are of a poor standard;
    • Readers will view our country web page and conclude Healy Consultants is the best firm for their company incorporation engagement;
    • Everything an entrepreneur needs to know will be in our country page. So, only insert words and sentences that a wealthy entrepreneur is interested in reading. Assume the reader is well educated, informed and reads the newspapers daily;
    • Avoid inserting generic sentences like “India is a high populous country”. Instead, make bold statements supported by statistics like “Germany is the top choice for product distribution within the EU because of i) and ii) and iii) and iv).
  • How to do it

    No.What to doExample
    1.Read a sample of existing live webpages to understand the format and standard of writing, including Singapore, Dubai, Luxembourg, Saudi, IndonesiaClick here
    2.Ask Aidan what is an existing live web page that is similar to the country you will write? For example writing Qatar was a mixture of Dubai and Saudi content
    3.Start with a blank document of headings
    4.Under each heading, write your opinions without research
    5.Read 10 competitor websites and copy and paste paragraphs into the different sections
    6.Read 90 more competitor websites and copy and paste sentences to the different sections of your MS word file
    7.Under advantages and disadvantages, form themes and opinions and back them up with statistics. For example, “Singapore is the best holding company in the world because it is 100% tax-exempt”
    8.Complete each section with as much relevant detail as possible
    9.Copy and paste paragraphs from the template of content
    10.Insert and complete the webpage checklist
    11.Email draft to Paavan for review and improvement and feedback
    12.Complete changes and email to Aidan for review and improvement and feedback
    13.Complete Google mole and insert key words to a density of 4.5%G
    14.Do final quality check before sending to IT team
    15.Email a complete draft to the IT department and ensure it goes live in a timely manner
    16.Over the following week, track daily google rankings of the page and report trends to Aidan
  • Important points to remember

    • Make sure all the information presented is completely accurate in order to prevent any embarrassment for Healy Consultants at a future stage;
    • The wording of your country webpage should be unique, following a similar theme to that of other quality Healy Consultants web pages;
    • Please do not plagiarize sentences or paragraphs from third party websites;
    • Please do not plagiarize sentences or paragraphs from other Healy Consultants country webpages. Duplicate content damages Healy Consultants website rankings;
    • Working from 9am to 6pm every day, the writer should expect to complete the first country jurisdiction within 3 weeks. Subsequent country webpages will be completed within a week;
    • When inserting keywords, please ensure sentences make sense and read properly;
    • For the first 5 jurisdictions you write, closely follow the format of successful and complete country webpages. Don’t waste time reinventing a new format;
    • Read the jurisdiction template carefully before starting to write. It will help you get a better idea of our expectations.
  • The review process

    • Healy Consultants expects our writers to draft a high quality country webpage that will be the best in the world. However, we do understand it will be hard to do on the first attempt. So, expect your deliverables to be torn apart and rebuilt and redrafted many times;
    • Paavan will expect you to talk to him personally either at our office or via Skype. This will help you a get better idea of what Healy Consultants expects from you;
    • Before the document is sent to Aidan for the final review, the document needs to be approved by Paavan. Please note that we expect your research to be specific and highly relevant;
    • Healy Consultants will expect to see marked improvement in your work after every review. Aidan and Paavan will expend a considerable amount of time reviewing your work and providing specific feedback. We would be grateful if you learn as fast as possible and implement our recommendations.
  • How to find content for our webpage writing

    • For writing a Singapore page, start off by reading at least first 100 results on Google with following terms: i) Singapore company formation ii) Singapore company incorporation iii) Singapore company registration iv) Singapore business set up and v) investing in Singapore;
    • Next step would be to google the World Bank’s latest ease of business survey, IMF’s Competitive Index. The rankings will give you an idea of where your country stands in important matters like business incorporation timeline, infrastructure, education, labor etc.;
    • Other great sources of information include the 30 page documents written by the big four accounting firms and global law firms;
    • Government websites and publications will be a huge help. These sites and documents will highlight all major and minor points for promoting their country.
  • What to research

    • At least 50 competitor websites;
    • “Taxes” or “Government regulation” or “Business costs”. Google these terms for your country. For example, if you were google Switzerland taxes, not only will you find the average tax rates, but you will discover different mechanisms like a holding company, or mixed company or domiciliary company which reduce tax rates significantly;
    • Lastly, read the previously written Healy Consultants pages including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Germany to get an idea of what other business related information that you might have missed.