A data management company based in Malaysia needed a nominee resident director

Since 2003, Healy Consultants Group assists multinational Clients with business setup in Malaysia including i) company incorporation ii) corporate bank account opening iii) company secretary and legal registered office iv) regulatory license applications v) tax registration vi) assistance to source physical office premises or virtual office address and vii) employee recruitment and visas.

On 1 December 2021, our Singapore Client approached us to appoint a new nominee resident director for their Malaysia subsidiary. Their existing director was planning to resign soon and they hence immediately needed a replacement to comply with Malaysian regulations.

After a phone call with me, our Client settled Healy Consultants Group’s Malaysia nominee professional passive resident director fees.

  • Engagement planning

    • The Client engaged us on 13 December 2021. We agreed on a payment instalment plan for the engagement. Upon payment of the first installment on 7 January 2022, we sent our Client a receipt, and we were then able to begin the engagement.
    • Immediately thereafter, we conducted a video call to agree i) engagement deadlines and mile stones ii) due diligence requirements iii) the scope of the nominee appointment and iv) potential engagement challenges.
    • I then e-mailed our Client an updating listing i) the documents required to advance the appointment of our nominee resident director ii) a breakdown of deliverables for this engageemnt iii) an estimated timeline to complete the engagement and iv) any expected engagement problems and solutions.
    • Simultaneously to the above, our Singapore Client supplied us the required Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence (DD) documents.
    • My staff and I were now ready to project manage the Malaysia engagement.
  • Malaysia nominee resident director

    • Before proceeding with the appointment, I supplied our Client with the i) DD documents of the nominee resident director and ii) nominee resident director agreement.
    • Simultaneously, I contacted the Client’s Malaysian company secretary and provided them the same documents.
    • There were some delays as the Client changed their company secretary, as we had to reach out to the new secretary.
    • On 3 March 2022, our nominee resident director signed all required board resolutions and couriered the physical documents to the Client’s company secretary in Malaysia.
    • Within one week, I successfully completed the appointment and supplied my Client with an extract of commercial registrar as evidence of the same.
    • Throughout the engagement, I also supplied our Singapore Client with a weekly detailed engagement status update, including i) quality deliverables and ii) problems and solutions.
  • Engagement completion

    • For staff learning purposes, our Singapore Client supplied us engagement feedback.
    • Our Business Website Department also requested a professional reference from our Client as well as an online review.

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For additional information on our resident director services in Malaysia, please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Aidan Healy, directly:
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