12 steps to incorporate a Mauritius company in 2023

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  • Pre-incorporation steps

    incorporate new company in Mauritius

    1. Consultation: Before Healy Consultants Group PLC proceeds with an engagement, our Firm requires our Clients to i) sign a copy of our engagement letter; ii) provide us with the required KYC documents; and iii) to settle the fees applicable to the engagement;
    2. Corporate structure: Thereafter, our Firm agrees with each Client i) the preferred corporate structure of their intended Mauritius entity which will include company name, shareholders and directors ii) Healy Consultants Group PLC will then begin coordinating the company incorporation with our local agent, who is licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius;
    3. Name search: Healy Consultants Group PLC will have our local registered agent confirm with the Mauritius Registrar of Companies or the Mauritius FSC (depending on the type of entity registered), which of our Client’s preferred three company names are available. Upon confirmation, Healy Consultants Group PLC will have our client’s most preferred name reserved and we will send the reservation certificate sent to our Client.
  • Incorporation steps

    1. Incorporation due diligence: On behalf of the local agent, Healy Consultants Group PLC emails our Client a detailed pre-filled company incorporation questionnaire and Mauritius FSC standard draft business plan for our Client’s input and email return;
    2. Company registration phase 1: On behalf of the local agent, Healy Consultants Group PLC emails the following corporate documents to our Client for their signature and courier return: i) letter of appointment of first director; ii) consent to act as shareholder; and iii) memorandum and articles of association;
    3. Company registration phase 2: Healy Consultants Group PLC pre-prepares and submits the incorporation forms to our local agent (duly licensed under the FSA Act) who reviews, completes and submits all the documents to the Mauritius Registrar of Companies and / or the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius (in the instance a GBC/AC license is also required) to initiate the incorporation process;
    4. Company registration phase 3: Upon approval, the Mauritius authorities will issue i) the Certificate of Incorporation and ii) the GBC/AC license certificate of the entity (if applicable). As soon as our local agent receives the same, Healy Consultants Group PLC will immediately email the same to our Client;
    5. In the instance a domestic company is being incorporated, Healy Consultants Group PLC will apply for a trade license, appropriate for our Client’s intended business activity which will be required before our Client can commence operations.
  • Post-incorporation steps

    1. Documents filing: Healy Consultants Group PLC’s local agent will file the following documents with the Mauritius Registrar of Companies, i) the name of the company, share capital, division of capital and type of shares; ii) the memorandum of association; iii) the articles of association; iv) Mauritius registered office address; and v) names, addresses and nationalities of directors and shareholders;
    2. Data Protection registration: It is mandatory for each domestic company to register with the Data Protection Office immediately after securing a certificate of incorporation. Healy Consultants Group PLC with the assistance of our local agent will complete the necessary registration with the Data Protection Office and shall email our Client the registration certificate upon completion.
    3. Bank account opening: Through our local agent, Healy Consultants Group PLC liaises with multiple top tier banks in Mauritius to seek a corporate bank account with i) excellent internet banking ii) corporate credit and debit cards, iii) corporate cheque book and iv) support for multiple currencies;
    4. Engagement Completion: Upon completion of the incorporation process, our local agent forwards all the essential original documents to our office. Healy Consultants Group PLC will then compile and courier these documents to our Client’s preferred international address. The complete company kit typically includes i) original corporate documents ii) unopened bank correspondence and iii) Client engagement feedback survey. Upon receiving the company kit the Client engagement is now complete.

Healy Consultants Group PLC does not recommend our Clients establish a business in Mauritius, due to the poor business environment provided by the Mauritius Government and Financial Services Commission to multi-national organisations. Healy Consultants Group PLC instead recommends our Clients establish their businesses in these reputable zero tax jurisdictions.

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