Success tips when doing business in Mauritius

Mauritius business facts

Mauritius business facts

  1. Your joint venture partner or Mauritius shareholder must not merely be a nominee for the sake of meeting the rules of foreign company incorporation. You should choose a partner that actually brings a lot to the table, including local knowledge your business would need in Mauritius;
  2. To optimize the success of your new business venture in Mauritius, Healy Consultants Group PLC recommends your firm to i) complete a feasibility study; ii) prepare a detailed business plan; iii) communicate with the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce iv) speak to your local Embassy in Mauritius; and v) communicate with Healy Consultants Group PLC’s Clients who have successfully launched their Mauritius business setup;
  3. Foreign companies should be aware i) Mauritius statistics and market data are usually imprecise; ii) transactions tend to take longer than expected; iii) more frequent and longer market visits are required, at least initially; iv) complex business procedures are common;
  4. An essential factor in setting up a company in Mauritius is to thoroughly research the business sector you are planning to invest in. Healy Consultants recommends our Client prepare a detailed business plan including an extensive market study and evaluation of competitors.

Interesting facts about Mauritius

  1. The country of Mauritius has the shape of a leaf and was created by the eruptions from underwater volcanos;
  2. Sugarcane is planted on 90% of the Mauritius land and is regarded as the top money earner for the country. Sugar is the major export of the country along with clothing, tea, and jewelry;
  3. Most of the food in Mauritius including rice, vegetables, and lentils are imported. Therefore, food in Mauritius is very expensive;
  4. Mauritians are relatively conservative, walking around wearing shorts or bathing suits are prohibited in most hotels;
  5. The population of Mauritius consists of four ethnic groups that are Indo-Mauritian (68%), Creole (27%), Sino-Mauritian (3%), and Franco-Mauritian (2%).

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