Global listed shell companies for sale in 2023

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Since 2003, Healy Consultants has assisted our multi-national Clients buy shell companies already listed on stock exchanges around the world.

  • Advantages of purchasing shell companies

    1. Purchasing a shell company enables our Clients to list stocks of their business on a stock exchange without the need for an IPO i) saving months of IPO planning and ii) avoiding the risk of an unsuccessful listing;
    2. Listed shell companies’ price starts at reasonable amounts: it is, for instance, possible to purchase a listed shell on reputable exchanges for less than US$1 million. See table below for details;
    3. Purchasing a listed shell company on a start-up exchange requires to maintain less than US$1 million of paid-up capital. For instance, exchanges including i) OTC Pacific Exchange (Vanuatu) and ii) OTBCC Venture Markets (USA) and iii) SGX Catalyst (Singapore);
    4. Our Clients will be able to remain in control of their business, by owning up to 75% of the shares of their companies. Healy Consultants Group PLC furthermore can advise multiple exchanges where our Client will be legally able to retain control up to 99% of the shares;
    5. Possessing a listed shell company also enables our Clients to meet multiple business goals including:
      • Raising equity from multiple global investors, interested to become shareholders of our Client’s existing business;
      • Appearing reputable and trustworthy to Banks, Governments, customers and suppliers, by doing business through a listed PLC.
  • Disadvantages of purchasing listed shell companies

    1. Listed shell entities are only available in some jurisdictions including i)the USA; ii) Canada; iii) Germany; iv) Singapore; v) the UK; vi) Mauritius and vii) Vanuatu;
    2. Because listed shell entities are in high demand, they sell fast. Our Clients should proceed with the purchase no later than 1 month after confirming if the entity is available for sale, or the entity will most likely have been sold by then;
    3. Our Clients should expect to have to supply a lot of KYC documents to the company owners and their brokers because:
      • Brokers will only be comfortable disclosing due diligence details of the business for sale after confirming our Clients i) are legitimate businesspersons and ii) have the funds to finance the purchase;
      • Global Exchanges will only approve the purchase after submission of a quality share purchase application including complete due diligence details on the new shareholders and beneficial owners.
    4. Our Clients often require our assistance to conduct detailed due diligence checks on listed shell companies for sale because i) there is a 90% probability the companies previously traded and had corporate bank accounts; and ii) approximately 25% of the shell companies available for sale on the market have outstanding annual accounting and tax obligations;
    5. It is expensive to maintain a listed entity on a stock exchange because:
      • All exchanges will require listed companies to prepare and file audited financial statements;
      • All exchanges will also require listed companies to submit multiple quarterly and monthly reports including i) provisional financial statements; ii) notifications of directorship changes; iii) notifications of shareholder changes; iv) reports about the issuance of new stocks;
      • Our Clients will also be legally required to complete multiple appointments including: i) multiple directors, some of whom must be independent directors, ii) auditors iii) brokers and iv) exchange representatives;
  • Quality jurisdictions for the listed shell entity purchase and IPOs

  • Public limited companies for sale

    Healy Consultants Group PLC assists our Clients to find listed shell companies for sale in all countries of the world! It is a great way for our multi-national Clients’ to penetrate a new market! Below is a sample of some entities for sale:

    Important note: Most of these above entities are not available on the market anymore. Also, Healy Consultants Group PLC does not own any of the above entities nor has a mandate to sell them.

  • How we help our Clients buy a public shell company

    1. After settlement of a retainer fee, our Firm finds multiple shell entities available for sale and supplies our Client a comparison table;
    2. Healy Consultants Group PLC aggressively and skilfully negotiates purchase price between the vendor and our Client;
    3. Our Team completes our detailed due diligence check of the listed shell company;
    4. We inform our Client of the monthly, quarterly and annual Government reporting requirements;
    5. We supply a sale and purchase agreement comprising terms and conditions that comply with local laws;
    6. After the settlement of the purchase price, we appoint our Clients’ preferred shareholders and directors and bank signatory;
    7. If required, we change of company name and address and open a new multi-currency corporate bank account;
    8. We supply our multi-national Clients with virtual office services including: a dedicated phone line, mail and email forwarding;
    9. We timely, accurately, and completely discharge the entities’ statutory legal, accounting and tax reporting to the Exchange;
  • Healy Consultants Group PLC's fees

    A guideline of our average fees is listed below. All fees are payable by instalments

    No. Service US$
    1. To find a suitable dormant listed entity including detailed comparison table US$10,000
    2. To aggressively and skillfully negotiate a sale and purchase agreement between our Client and vendor, including price and terms and conditions; US$15,850
    3. To complete a detailed due diligence of the target entity and related parties US$8,250
    4. To find quality nominees and complete corporate structure changes US$14,660
    5. To complete monthly & quarterly Government reporting US$3,860
    6. To complete annual accounting and audit and tax obligations US$15,370
    7. Pro-forma invoice including the above services View invoice PDF

  • How we proceed?

    • Before Healy Consultants Group PLC discloses entity information, our multi-national Clients must i) sign our engagement letter and ii) settle a US$ 10,000 retainer fee (click link) with us;
    • Only then, can we supply our Client with a detailed comparison table contrasting the different shell PLC entities available in the target country;
    • Alternatively, our Client may wish to view a comparison table of PLC entities from i) a range of target countries or ii) by price or iii) by industry;
    • Our Client supplies us with Know Your Customer due diligence documents;
    • We complete our detailed due diligence of the target PLC shell company;
    • Thereafter, our Team brokers a deal between vendor and our Client;
    • We assist our Client to secure the necessary Exchange and Government approvals for the takeover of the listed shell;
    • We appoint our Clients preferred shareholders and directors and bank signatory. We assist our Client to open multiple local and international multi-currency corporate bank accounts;
    • We help our Client secure a specific regulatory license (if required).

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