Listed shell purchase engagement in 2023


Engagement planning

  • For this engagement, Healy Consultants and our Client agreed to prepare detailed project plans covering i) the registration of a Korea company ii) its listing on the Korea stock exchange and iii) the purchase of an existing business on KRX;
  • We also agreed to supply a detailed table of comparison of alternative jurisdictions, and complete preliminary research re the availability of listed shells on their respective exchanges.

Korea engagement

  • Within 2 weeks, Healy Consultants Group supplied a detailed project plan for the registration of a Korean joint stock company;
  • Thereafter, we assisted our Client to determine the optimal Board of KRX for an IPO. After 2 weeks of research, we concluded the same to be KONEX, the start-up board;
  • We however supplied also information on KSM, an alternative OTC platform often used by high tech start-ups in Korea to trade equity, before proceeding with a listing on KONEX;
  • Thereafter, we supplied 2 detailed project plans including complete detailed information on i) the IPO process on KONEX and ii) the steps to take a majority equity participation in a business already listed on such board;

Global listed shell search Engagement

  • After completing the Korea engagement, Healy Consultants Group spent 6 weeks researching for alternative shell solutions outside of Korea;
  • According to our results, we recommended our Client to proceed with the purchase of a listed shell in either Vanuatu or the USA, as such jurisdictions provide for multiple shell entities available for sale. See this table for further details;
  • The final document also included an estimate of engagement costs, and other regulatory and compliance information important to know before purchasing an existing listed shell company.


  • Today, our UK Client has all information he requires to market shell entities to his HNWI customers;
  • We are proud of having assisted our Client with the same and we remain available to supply more information his Clients may require in order to confirm whether a listed shell is the best entity for their business needs.

Contact us

For additional information on our purchase a shell company services, please contact our in-house country expert, Mr. Simon Guidecoq, directly:
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