Registering Turnkey Solutions for Healy Consultants Group in 2023

To distinguish ourselves from our competitors, Healy Consultants Group offers dormant turnkey solutions to our Clients, when they urgently need an entity and a corporate bank account to sign a contract or receive a payment. To minimize supplier costs and to ensure that we have at all times a large inventory of diverse dormant turnkey solutions, our Firm offers the opportunity to his staff members to act as nominee shareholder, director and bank signatory, until the entity is sold to a Client;

The company and corporate bank account is dormant until the new Client is appointed sole bank signatory. While our staff is the sole bank signatory, no transactions pass through the company and corporate bank account. Minimizing and eliminating reputation, litigation and financial risk to our staff;

Healy Consultants Group prefers to pay a nominee fee of US$ 1,000 to our staff, rather than to independent lawyers and accountants;

Find more details on our policies re the same below.

  • Most popular turnkey solutions

    1. The most popular turnkey solutions for our Clients are the following:
      • Dormant Singapore legally tax-exempt companies, with a corporate bank account opened in either i) Hong Kong ii) Malaysia iii) Australia iv) the UK v) one of the EU countries;
      • Dormant Hong Kong legally tax-exempt companies, with a corporate bank account opened in either i) Hong Kong ii) Singapore iii) Australia iv) the UK v) one of the EU countries;
      • Dormant Delaware legally tax-exempt LLCs, with a corporate bank account opened in i) the USA or ii) Singapore iii) Hong Kong;
      • Dormant Labuan legally tax-exempt LLCs, with a corporate bank account in i) Singapore ii) Labuan and other parts of Malaysia iii) Hong Kong;
      • Dormant Dubai and UAE offshore and free zone companies, with a corporate bank account opened in i) the UAE ii) or one of the EU countries;
    2. From time to time, Clients may also request Healy Consultants Group to take-over their entity. We can accept, provided i) we have evidence the entity is clean and compliant with its annual, quarterly and monthly accounting and tax obligations and ii) the entity is registered in a country of interest to our Clients (eg. South Korea, Australia, India) and we expect there is a significant probability of closing a sale over the 12 coming months;
  • How can Healy Consultants staff assist with the above?

    1. Replacing the current shareholders, directors and bank signatories of a company takes time and require the signature and filing of multiple documents;
    2. To simplify the process, we prefer to appoint one of our staff members rather than Aidan Healy or Aileen Lane. Our staff can visit the bank faster than Aidan Healy;
    3. Consequently, all our staff members are welcome to act as temporary nominees, after they have successfully passed the probation period included in their employment contracts (or freelance agreements);
    4. For some turnkey solutions, our staff get the opportunity to fly to the country where the bank is including Hong Kong;
    5. Our staff receive a fee of US$ 1,000 per annum to be the sole shareholder and director and bank signatory of a dormant turnkey solution;
  • How we protect the interest of our Employees acting as nominee shareholders and directors?

    1. Before company registration, Healy Consultants Group will sign a i) nominee agreement and ii) a detailed indemnification agreement with our staff member;
    2. To minimize financial and reputational risks for our staff members, the turnkeys will be kept dormant from the day of the appointment of our staff members as i) shareholder ii) director or iii) bank signatory (whichever appointment is completed earlier);
    3. The above agreement will confirm our staff members can resign at any time if they no longer wish to act as nominee (with a reasonable notice enabling our Firm to find a replacement);
    4. The above agreement will confirm that our staff members have a veto power re the identity of the Client to which the turnkey may be sold;
    5. The above agreement will also confirm our staff members have a right to access online banking and bank statements at any time, should they wish to confirm that the entity is kept dormant;
    6. Find a sample copy of the sample checklist confirming completion of all of the above by clicking on this link (coming soon);
    7. For entities previously owned by our Clients, the same agreement described above will be signed by Healy Consultants Group and our nominees;
    8. To mitigate the risks resulting from the fact these entities were previously managed by our Clients, our Firm will additionally complete the following:
      • Our in-house Accounting and tax Department will verify that all outstanding accounting and tax filing obligations have been completed by the entity;
      • Our in-house Accounting and Tax Department will i) detail-review the bank statements of the entity to ensure all transactions conducted by the entity were legitimate and ii) ask for supporting documentation for each transaction;
      • Our Compliance Department will complete i) a detailed KYC review on each shareholder, director, ultimate beneficial owner and bank signatory of the business and ii) sign off a Client file checklist (if not already done);
      • We will require the Directors of the entity to confirm in writing i) the entity has no outstanding tax or bill payable to a third party ii) copies of all contracts signed between the entity and its suppliers and customers have been successfully executed;
      • We will require the Directors of the entity to sign an indemnification agreement with Healy Consultants Group and our nominee(s);
    9. Find a sample copy of the sample checklist confirming completion of all of the above by clicking on this link (coming soon)
  • Obligations of staff acting as nominees

    1. Staff are not authorized to sign any contract nor use the entity for commercial or productive purposes. The turnkey entity is to be kept fully dormant;
    2. While our staff may have access to online banking, they are not authorized to conduct any banking transaction without in writing approval from their office CEO;
    3. Staff are required to confirm within 2 business days whether their approval to transfer the entity to a new Client, after receipt of due diligence documentation on the same;
    4. Staff are expected to not unreasonably withhold their approval for the transfer of a turnkey entity and must also timely sign all forms and documentation required to complete the transfer of directorship, ownership and bank signatory rights;
    5. Staff are expected to resign from the nominee position(s) if requested to by a CEO of Healy Consultants Group or its business owner Aidan Healy, within the notice period stated in the nominee agreement;
  • Fees payable to our staff

    1. Staff acting as nominees are entitled to a payment of US$1,000, payable in two instalments: i) 50% upfront and ii) 50% after the company is transferred to a Client or has been registered for 6 months (whichever come the earlier);
    2. In the unlikely event the turnkey is not sold within 12 months, our staff members are entitled to another payment of US$1,000 per year, payable in two instalments of 50% every 6 months, until the company is successfully sold and transferred to a Client;
    3. The fees are pro-rated to the actual duration of the appointments, as per the official records kept by the Banks and the Commercial Registrars.