Renewal invoices standard notes

To accurately and completely understand the upcoming renewal engagement, our our in-house Accounting and Tax Department prepared this web page to align all parties expectations; eliminating surprises during the engagement:

  1. The fees quoted in this invoice are a prediction of the engagement fees required to timely, efficiently and effectively complete this renewal engagement. If during the engagement, Healy Consultants Group Staff realize the engagement is more complex than anticipated, requiring a larger investment of time and resources, my Firm will request additional fees. If Healy Consultants completes the engagement faster than expected and easier than expected, our Staff will be happy to refund some fees to our Client; and
  2. If our Client and Healy Consultants Group properly plan this renewal engagement, our Clients will not have to travel during this engagement. Instead, our Client will need to i) sign and get documents legalized in the embassy in their country of origin and ii) courier the originals to Healy Consultants Group office; and
  3. In their country of residence and domicile, it is important our Clients are aware of their personal and corporate tax obligations. Let us know if you need Healy Consultants Group help to clarify your local and international annual accounting and tax reporting obligations; and
  4. During the annual accounting and tax and audit engagement, supporting documents may need to be translated into the local language, especially during the independent statutory annual audit. Consequently, our Client should budget for possible additional translation and embassy attestation fees. Either our Client or Healy Consultants Group can complete this administrative task; and

    As always, Healy Consultants Group will aggressively and skilfully negotiate with all third parties, to eliminate or minimize additonal third-party engagement costs. For transparency purposes, all third-party fee payments will be supported by original receipts and invoices. Examples of possible third-party payments include i) embassy fees ii) notary public costs iii) official translator fees; and

  5. As stipulated on our business website and in section 3 of our engagement letter, Healy Consultants Group will only commence the engagement following i) settlement of our fees and ii) completion and signing of our legal re-engagement letter; and
  6. During the annual renewal engagement with our Client, our in-house Legal and Compliance Department reviews the quality and completeness of our Client file. Consequently, Healy Consultants Group may revert to our Client to ask for more up to date due diligence documentation; and
  7. To assist our Clients to minimize foreign exchange costs, we offer the payment in SG$, Euro, Pounds or US$. Kindly let me know in which currency your Firm prefers to settle our fees and I will send an updated invoice, thank you. Some of our Clients prefer to pay Healy Consultants Group fees by instalments (click link).

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