Aidan Healy signing Client business documents in 2024

Occasionally, our Clients’ ask Aidan Healy to sign documents as professional, passive nominee resident director. As always, Healy Consultants Group wishes to help our Clients’. We have the following comments re this service:

  1. As per section 9.2 of our signed engagement letter, Aidan does not sign commercial documents on behalf of our client’s company;
  2. Reason for the above include i) Aidan is not involved in the company’s daily business ii) it exposes both Aidan and Healy Consultants Group to litigation, reputation and financial risks;
  3. As much as possible, Healy Consultants would prefer our Client to sign these documents, not Aidan;
  4. However, if really required, Aidan will sign documents at a standard fee of US$1,000 per document;
  5. Prior to document signing, Healy Consultants Group in-house Legal and Compliance Department must review and approve the content of the document;
  6. Furthermore, Healy Consultants would prefer our Client to first sign off the document for our record keeping, as a proof our Client agrees to the content of that document;
  7. Only after completion of the above, can Aidan proceed to sign off the document and email our Client a scan of the same, courier where required;
  8. Aidan can also e-sign (click link) the documents for convenience purposes, eliminating printing and couriers;