Singapore office goals in 2024

CRO Department (Wen Bin)

  1. In January 2022, Simon, Chrissi, Kunal, Wen Bin and Aidan agree upon a new sales invoice template. From February 2022 to June 2022, we roll out the same.
  2. Monthly target for Singapore CRO sales of US$100,000 and above (excluding renewals).
  3. From January 2022 onwards, monthly sales report sent by Lisa to Aidan, Simon and Wen Bin, just like currently done in Dubai.
  4. In 2022, the SG CROs sell more high margin services (eg. financial services setup) by i) ranking videos re the same ii) quality case studies iii) at least 4 new financial company setup invoices and webpages by quarter iv) improving this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this.
  5. Engagement completions emails to always be completed within 2 weeks from receipt from Aidan. No delay. In return, new policy to simplify claiming project-management bonus.

In house accounting and tax (Sharon)

  1. All renewal invoices timely sent. Sharon gradually hands over the simpler invoices to Fenna and a new Dubai joiner, so she can focus on her other tasks.
  2. Renewal sales of at least US$2 million during 2022 (US$167,000 per month).
  3. Sharon, Lisa and I complete drafts of financial statements no later than 30 March. We complete a consolidated audit before 30 May. We file all financial statements in June.
  4. Quarterly P&L reports at the entity level before the end of the following month.
  5. Simon to help Sharon recruit an assistant in Dubai, to help her with Dubai accounting & bookkeeping.
  6. We appoint Sharon as bank signatory to a maximum of the global corporate bank accounts of Healy Consultants. To minimize the risk of misuse of the account and to save Mark and her time spent ringing the banks on Aidan’s behalf.

Marketing and IT Department

  1. In January, we roll out the new home page. The following month, i) contact us ii) registration and iii) “tiles” pages. Before 30 March 2022, we agree with the USA Firm a new layout for the country pages. After March 2022, we roll new country page out with the help of free lancers and/or the South Africa office.
  2. We increase monthly traffic to a 60,000 average from March 2022. All countries pages rank on google first page. Website authority increases to 42 in March and 43 in September.
  3. We roll out new invoice template (project to be completed in cooperation with the CRO Department, more details above);
  4. 1 video per working day uploaded on our website. Hui Min and Shweta to alternate sending a weekly report of videos that went live;
  5. Mark to appoint one of his team members to lead a project of building multiple webpages re SEO services, social media services and other services our team is expert at. We use this income to continue building up the Business Website Department in South Africa, Dubai and Singapore.
  6. Hui Min to close at least 2 sales a month from mainland China. The strategies for this are those we discussed during last BWD meeting. She and her preferred CRO go every 2-3 months on a business trip to China to meet China Clients face to face and close these sales.

HR and Admin Department (Nisa)

  1. The Singapore team becomes the most stable team at Healy Consultants. Nisa aggressively keeps turnover down.
  2. Before 28 February for each Department, Nisa and the Department Manager proposes to the Management Team a bonus system, rewarding quality work from employees but also sanctioning low quality deliverables;
  3. In Q1 2022, we also adopt a salary grid/band to manage increments and new recruitments fairly;
  4. We work with SA team members on the opening of SA office in 2022;
  5. We source a replacement for Mark before 30 January. We source a replacement for Simon before 30 April.
  6. Thanks to the sales generated by Hui Min and the Mandarin speaking CROs, we open a 2 persons office in Hong Kong in the autumn of 2022.
  7. No phone call, skype call or whattsapp message ever missed by Jaya. Every three months, a seminar by Jaya and Nisa to remind staff of our phone answering policy.

ATD Department (Nik)

  1. Maintain minimum 20 SOOs per month to keep out multinational Clients books in order;
  2. Finalise and implement ATD bonus policy. LCD bonus policy will follow;
  3. Build up solid team of accountants in Dubai, Singapore and South Africa;
  4. Improve ATD database to i) minimise chances missing important deadlines ii) reduce time required to update and monitor such database;
  5. Actively advertise our additional accounting services (such as bookkeeping) to increase our renewal annual revenue.