• Company purpose?

    In your order of preference, in which bitcoin-friendly country you wish to open corporate bank account
    Is your business a cryptocurrency exchange or you only engage in proprietary cryptocurrency trade?
    Are you planning to use the bank account for your ICO?
    Do you wish to apply for financial intermediary license for your cryptocurrency company?
    Do you need help registering in a cryptocurrency exchange?
    Do you need assistance with obtaining a trade wallet?
    Is double taxation treaty access important?
    Do you need our help to legally minimize your international tax and VAT/GST obligations?
    In what country do you require a Bitcoin-friendly company? Refer to this web page (click link) for ideas
  • Account requirements?

    What is your expected banking turnover?

    Are you planning to use only Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies as well (Ethereum, Litecoin, etc)
    Do you need multi-currency corporate visa debit cards?

    Do you prefer monthly bank statements over email or over physical mail?
    Expected annual sales and net profits?
    Additional comments?
  • Tell us about your existing business?

    Name of your existing company?
    Your business web site address?
    What Bitcoin products and services does your company supply?
    How many years are you operating this business?
    Is your Firm regulated by a Government agency?
    In what country are the majority of your customers?
    In what country are the majority of your Bitcoin suppliers?
  • Tell us about you?

    Your name?
    Your email address?
    What country are you based in?

    Specifically, what deliverables (click link) do you need?
    What is your US$ budget for the services you need?
    What does quality customer service mean to you?
  • How do we contact you?

    For now, do you prefer Healy Consultants PLC staff to phone you, or just email reply you with some corporate solutions?
    If a phone call, on what number can our senior Consultant call you?
    If an email, what email address can our Consultant email you at?
    What is your preferred date and time for a phone call?
    In what language do you prefer we communicate with you?
    What matters would you like to discuss during the call; the agenda?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this important questionnaire. It will help us to timely complete your engagement with minimum inconvenience to you.

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Singapore company registration


Since 2003, Healy Consultants Group PLC assists our Clients with i) business registration ii) regulatory licensing iii) business banking iv) immigration visas and staff recruitment strategies and v) office rental solutions.

SummaryTax resident LLCTax exempt LLCFast solution LLCFree zone LLCLLP
Best use of company?All purposesTrading/ holdingClose a customerGlobal tradingProfessional services
How soon can you invoice Clients\sign sales contracts?1 week1 week1 week1 week1 week
How soon can you hire staff?1 week1 week1 week1 week1 week
How soon can you sign a lease agreement?1 week1 week1 week1 week1 week
Travel required for business setup?NoNoNoNoNo
Travel required for bank account opening?NoNoNoNoNo
Corporate tax rate on annual net profits?17%0%17%17%0%
Effective tax rate on US$500,000?10%0%10%10%0%
Legally tax exempt if properly structured?NoYesNoNoYes
Government grants available?YesNoYesYesYes
Resident director/partner/manager required?YesYesYesYesYes
Minimum paid up share capital?US$1US$1US$1US$1US$1
Can bid for Government contracts?YesNoYesYesNo
Corporate bank account location?DBS SingaporeSwitzerlandOCBC SingaporeUOB SingaporeDBS Singapore
Can secure trade finance?YesNoYesYesNo
Limited liability entity?YesYesYesYesYes
Average total engagement costs?US$6,980US$8,940US$11,560US$8,790US$6,980
Average total engagement period?9 weeks9 weeks14 weeks9 weeks9 weeks

Table 2

Supplier checklistYour Selection
Engagement costing 
Did I contact local suppliers in the country, including i) 5 lawyers ii) 5 accountants and iii) 5 small local boutique consultants (just like Healy Consultants)?


Did my manager approve my excel spreadsheet of cost comparisons from 5 different suppliers?


What percentage discount did Client give Healy Consultants?


Supplier selection 
Does my preferred supplier timely answer my email requests?


What is your specific supplier staff name and cell phone number?


Over the coming months, is your specific supplier due to go on extended leave?


What is the name and cell phone number of the backup staff of your specific supplier?


Did I speak at least once on phone or through skype with my preferred supplier?


Does my preferred supplier give accurate and complete answers to my emails requests?


Does my preferred supplier provide complete engagement costs?


Is my preferred supplier experienced in engineering the specific corporate structure I want?


Is the supplier senior partner involved in the engagement?


Does my preferred supplier provide all services including bank account, nominee, accounting and tax?


Do I have a quality back up supplier ready to go, if my preferred supplier does a poor job?


Did the supplier follow us on our blog?


Is the supplier a lawyer or accountant?


Supplier due diligence 
Was my preferred supplier transparent and open to my due diligence request from Healy Consultants?


Did I receive at least a i) copy of passport ii) recent proof of address iii) certificate of incorporation and iv) the latest annual return from my supplier?


Will your specific supplier contact receive cell phone calls over their weekend (relevant for Middle East)


Did I receive evidence that my preferred supplier has a license to conduct his business?


My supplier is regulated by what Government body?


Did Cai Xin do a due diligence Google review of my preferred supplier?


Complete the attached and answer each question re social media linx from supplier


Supplier email template

Signature of the exclusive service agreement 
Did the supplier complete and sign each page of the service agreement and its appendixes?


Did supplier review our country webpage and provide feedback as to how we improve that page?


Did the supplier follow us on Facebook?


Did I the IT Department add a reciprocal link to supplier business web site?


Did Xin review and approve the service agreement?


Did my supplier sign off the detailed project plan?


Did I request multiple suppliers to sign off the detailed project plan? (for complex engagements only)


Did the supplier confirm we can pay i) 100% after the engagement is complete or ii) 50% before and 50% after completion of engagement?


CRODirectorLegal and Compliance Dept.

Luxembourg fees and timelines page

This is testing page

SummaryWholly foreign owned LLC Fast business setup solutionFree zone LLCLocal nominee owned LLC Representative Office
Also known asPMAPT-PMA conversionKPB companyPTKPPA
Best use of company?All products and servicesClose a customer deal nowManufacturing and export tradingTo secure public fundingMarketing & research
How soon can you invoice Clients/sign sales contracts?3 months6 weeks3 months6 weeksCannot
How soon can you hire staff?3 months6 weeks3 months6 weeks3 months
How soon can you sign a lease agreement?1 week1 week1 week1 week1 week
How long to supply corporate bank account numbers?4 months10 weeks4 months10 weeks4 months
How long to supply company registration/tax numbers?3 months6 weeks3 months6 weeks3 months
Corporate tax rate on annual net profits?25%25%25%25%0%
Limited liability entity?YesYesYesYesNo
Government grants available?YesYesYesYesNo
Government approval required for foreign owners?YesYesYesYesYes
Resident director/partner/manager/ legal representative required?YesYesYesYesYes
Minimum paid up share capital?US$200,000US$40,000 within 2 months and US$200,000 within 1 yearUS$200,000From US$3,745none
Can bid for Government contracts?YesYesYesYesNo
Corporate bank account location?Bank NegaraSCB Indonesia Citibank IndonesiaBank MandiriDBS Indonesia
Can secure trade finance?YesYesYesYesYes
VAT payable on sales to local customers?10%10%10%10%None
Average total business set up engagement costs?US$29,740 US$60,200US$18,100US$16,900US$19,250
Average total engagement period?4 months4 months4 months3 months4 months


Business entities in Singapore

There are several types of companies our Clients can set up, the most common being the private limited company (LLC), branch office and representative office.

Singapore LLCSingapore branch officeSingapore offshore company

New company/
separate entity

Expanding your existing
company (not a separate entity)


  • The private limited company (Pte. Ltd.)

      Singapore company setup requirements for different business entity types

    • The most commonly set-up company in Singapore is the private limited company, which is abbreviated to “Pte. Ltd.”. This company type is functionally equivalent to the LLC in other jurisdictions, with shareholders’ liability being limited to the amount unpaid on their shares;
    • Thanks to the relaxed rules on opening a private limited company, requiring only one shareholder, one director, a company secretary, a registered address and no minimum share capital, foreign investors overwhelmingly favour the Pte. Ltd. when entering the Singaporean market. This entity can engage in any commercial or industrial activity, and there are no restrictions on foreign investment;
    • Singaporean private limited companies may have up to 50 shareholders. If there are likely to be either i) more than 50 shareholders or ii) regular share transfers, then an unlisted public limited company is a better option;
    • This entity can be incorporated within one week without the need for our Clients to visit Singapore or contribute any share capital. However, at least one of the company’s directors must be resident in Singapore.
    • Best uses:
      General purpose
      – A private limited company fulfils the needs of almost every application for doing business either within or outside of Singapore. These entities have low administrative requirements and can be turned to almost any use as long as share liquidity is not required. These attributes of the Singapore LLC make it ideally suited for use as a subsidiary or as an entrepreneurial vehicle.

      The private limited company’s flexibility also means that it can be used in the following ways:

      Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)

    • SPVs can be used to i) hold designated assets on behalf of its investors while insulating the shareholders from liability and ii) raise funds from the market;
    • Holding company

    • This vehicle is used to hold and manage long-term investments including debt, real estate, and shares in other businesses. Holding companies derive their income primarily from dividends, interest payments and rental fees, depending on the types of assets held;
    • In Singapore, a holding company can be incorporated as a paper company (offshore company) to manage international investments in a tax-efficient manner.
    • Singaporean companies can be used as private wealth vehicles to manage family assets. Visit Healy Consultants’ page on family wealth vehicles to learn more and compare different structures that can be used to run a family office.

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